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i love beauty talk

Since we have had a lot of threads here that are not that uplifting, I wanted to start a thread that we can all pat each other on the back and say what a wonderful job we have all been doing in making this community!


I am newer to this community, and I just want to say that I have had SUCH an amazing experience in this forum! Beauty talk is great because I can get feedback from everyone about what they loved/disliked and why. I love that we can all be friends and even if we disagree, we can disagree respectfully. I have not had a single person in this forum be rude to me in any way, shape, or form.


Everyone in this forum interacts so well with each other, and even though I am new, so many people have been very welcoming.


I hope everyone else loves beauty talk as much as I do (I'm seriously like addicted.. I read every single


Also, the mods have been amazing! They are all so friendly and they help me just as much as all my fellow beauty talk members!!

Re: i love beauty talk

Thank you for ur happy post!  

Re: i love beauty talk

This post also makes me happy!  I am so addicted to BT!  What a wonderful community!  There is so much great advice here, product recommendations and really touching stories.  Thanks to many of the posts I've had the confidence to try new products and you know what I love them!  Thank You BT for being such a wonderful place!

Re: i love beauty talk

Thanks to everyone replying to this post! I'm happy reading all of the replies. It makes me love BT even more Smiley Very Happy

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