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expired product shipped TWICE!

ordered the dermadoctor gorilla warfare deodorant and when received in the package it was expires on 4/12 (THAT MEANS it was made 3 to 4 years ago).... called sephora and they issued a replacement order and I returned that item back. I was so excited to receive my deodorant finally..BUT the replaced deodorant was expired as well (4/12 AS WELL)...


Does sephora check their items before shipping them out?..... not once... but twice.... I called again and the lady told me to return the package for a refund because this item maybe all be expired in their stock! This made me really upset at sephora, how can they do this to me twice?..Photo on 6-15-13 at 12.20 AM.jpg


Re: expired product shipped TWICE!

Hi Makeupstarter I am so sorry that happened Smiley Sad I see that a request has been submitted to check the rest of our stock so this doesn't happen again.  I'll send you a message to help.

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