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etiquette on board

I am new here, and unsure of some things.


1) what does the hearts icon mean?

2) does it matter if you best answer someone's comment?

3) do you thank every commentor who posted? i notice there isn't a way to post a follow up otherwise


thanks in advance.


To answer you "best answer" question, you don't...

To answer you "best answer" question, you don't have to check that box if you don't want to. I give hearts to posters who are kind enough to respond to my question and if I can't decide whose answer is best, (often I get multiple posts that each have a great point), then I don't check it off, since I thought there were more than one best answer.


Hope this helps!



Hi curvygirli. Welcome to Beauty Talk! :smileyhappy: You...

Hi curvygirli. Welcome to Beauty Talk! Smiley Happy You can view our Beauty Talk Guidelines here: We love to make everyone feel great about posting, replying and openly discussing products, ideas and much more so when you see something you "like" or "love" feel free to give them a heart. If you wish to answer a question that someone's already replied to you can still hit reply and just put @USERNAME to whichever user you wish to answer. 


Feel free to post back with any other questions or concerns you have and HAPPY POSTING! Smiley Wink

Hi, curvygirli!  Those are great questions. To answer qu...

Hi, curvygirli!  Those are great questions.

To answer question, #1 about the "hearts" is a link that explains the "hearts":

Question #2:  If you are asking if you have to answer comments if someone posts a comment to you, the answer is that it is completely up to you and depends on what the comment says.  Some comments don't require a follow-up answer and there are some that you may want to comment back to.  So it is really just a case-by-case basis on whether or not you need to answer comments or not.

Question #3:  The way to thank someone who posted an answer to your question is to give them a heart.  That lets them know that you appreciated them taking the time to answer your question and that way you don't have to write a personal thank-you to everyone who answers your post.

I hope this helps. 🙂 

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