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beauty oils

Do beauty oils go bad after a certain period of time?

Re: beauty oils

Hi MarleeT! I probably wouldn't keep anything like that over a year, just to be safe.  Smiley Happy 




Re: beauty oils

Like Kevin said, the majority of my face oils have a label saying 12 mos after opening Smiley Happy

Re: beauty oils

I would think not, but I had a deluxe sample of Tarte Maracuja Oil and it started to smell bad after a few months.  It was less than 5 months - not too encouraging for buying a large bottle!

Re: beauty oils

Keeping your oils away from heat and light will slow down the degradation of their natural vitamins/antioxidant content. This applies to cooking oils as well (it can go rancid) For example, if your night stand drawer is right up against a radiator or accidentally left to overheat in the sun can cause them to become rancid much quicker. Keeping oils in their their tinted bottles also a must to prolong their longevity.


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