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Forgot to add offer to online order
I'm new to Sephora and recently I bought an online order of $158.79 but I didn't know I can add deluxe samples of my choice by adding offer codes. Can I ask Sephora for it later without buying more stuff?
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SIJCP emails
Hi, I only receive Sephora VIB Rouge emails. I have received online free gift with purchase emails, however, I have not been receiving the free gift with purchase inside the JCP store. I was wondering...
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Not receiving JCPenney Sephora emails
I'm not receiving any JCPenney Sephora emails. I never received them. I also didn't get an email about the iconic play box. I don't want to miss out future rouge play boxes. The last thing is how do you become a hall of famer?
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Unsuccessful Authorisation online order
Recently I have been trying to make an online order on but it always shows "unsuccessful authorisation" and my purchase just fails. I am using the same visa credit card as before but it su...
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Does anyone know when Marc Jacobs coconut dew drops will be restocked? honestly I am really beginning to worry...
I could have and should have bought this product I had every intention of buying it but because I thought it was not a limited edition item I put it off to buy other items in the store that where actu...
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Does anyone know when Sephora will launch ABH's Moonchild glow kit? It was available in the Sephora app as an online only Canada Day special
Does any one have any idea when Moonchild will be launched? I am dying to purchase it and it sold out in a matter of minutes maybe one hour tops on Canada Day... I saw the special offer and I went to ...
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Full coverage
I have red splotchy fair skin and I'd like to be able to even it out. What full coverage foundation would work best?
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Does Sephora give you credit for people joining with a link, your link, like Ipsy does?
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ruined product
i recently ordered the sephora favorites beauty on the fly: the ultimate travel bag. well one of the oils was opened and spilled out onto everything. is there anything yall can do about it?
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wrong shipping address
I just realized I accidentally entered a wrong address, how can i change itorder (#6865696340) just 20 mins ago
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