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Can't find where to write a review?
Hello! I bought a few products at a nearby Sephora and wanted to review them online. But I can't seem to find where I can write one on the product. I'm probably overlooking it, but all I see is other ...
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Need help linking beauty insider card to my online account.
I need help linking my Beauty insider card to my online account.
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Sephora Staff complaint.
Normally I am fine with things and I can take it. But when it comes to manager being rude and getting talked down to is not okay. I've been a customer for a year now, I usually never get to purchase i...
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Play! Pass use
Can you use the Play! Pass in store only? Or can you use it with online purchases as well?
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Not receiving JCPenney Sephora emails
I'm not receiving any JCPenney Sephora emails. I never received them. I also didn't get an email about the iconic play box. I don't want to miss out future rouge play boxes. The last thing is how do you become a hall of famer?
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How do i search a person so i can follow them?
I am trying to follow my cousin on sephora but i can't get to her profile
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Forgot to Add Gift
I just placed an order in online and forgot to add my YOURGIFT with my $25 purchase. Is it still possible to get? The order is still in "placed". thanks
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Show me the samples...
Question~ My last two orders have been shipped without any samples. Is anyone else not receiving samples as well? The orders were made a month a part an both were over $35. I also double checked to en...
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How long before item is back in stock?
Can you tell me when the Diorskin forever foundation in the shade linen will be back in stock. I received a giftcard for my birthday and I really wanted to get it soon. Thanks for any help!!
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