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where can i find my loves at? the products i 'heart'
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I Purchased an item but had forgot my card can someone help me or tell me how too put in my receipt too my account to so I can get my points please. T.I.A
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Sephora Affiliate US Program
Hi, there are only Sephora AU and Sephora BR can be found on Link Share.I've been approved for Sephora AU, but I'd still like to ask how I can get product links of Sephora US. Please help.Best regards
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Didn't get my free samples
I received my sephora package today and I got the item you could purchase with one of those promo codes but I didn't get my three free samples, I'm almost sure I picked the Josie Maran illuminator, th...
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New setting/update sucks.
I absolutely hate this new setting 😡😡😡 it's so hard to find things and use. This is a downgrade.
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VIB Rouge $20 off
Hello,I didn't get my $20 off 100 email ,how I can use the coupon in store,thank you
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07/23 order
not sure if I added to the following post correctly or if it's possible but I still haven't heard anything about the order placed on 07/23? according to the website the rouge customers shouldn't be af...
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I'm leaving for Vacation TOMORROW, my package was SUPPOSEDLY delivered TODAY... it is NOWHERE to be found. I never had this problem with UPS, never! What is LASERSHIP? The time they said that it was d...
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Missing items!
2/2 Free samples weren't correct 1/3 free samples missing, my eyeliner that I payed for is not in the package which one 1 was shipped. Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)
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Extra item on receipt?
Don't ask me why I'm obsessing over this, as I'm sure I already know the answer, but I just want to make sure. I purchased a couple items last night and noticed that it had a $0.00 "Mini Makeover" on ...
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