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Forgot to Add Gift
I just placed an order in online and forgot to add my YOURGIFT with my $25 purchase. Is it still possible to get? The order is still in "placed". thanks
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How long before item is back in stock?
Can you tell me when the Diorskin forever foundation in the shade linen will be back in stock. I received a giftcard for my birthday and I really wanted to get it soon. Thanks for any help!!
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Recent order
I'm truly disappointed with my last order. Not only did it take almost two weeks to finally arrive- the items looked like there were literally thrown into the box. The dry conditioner can was dented i...
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change address!!!
I just ordered online and noticed that the address was set as my previous home.Its status is still in pending so could you modify the address?
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Pending Order I need ASAP
Hi, I'm going overseas and I orderd stuffs as a gift and it has been a week already my flight is next week and I badly need the items before my flight. Thanks a lot.
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HOF gift not received
Hello! I have been speaking with Nikko about not having received the HOF gift that was sent out about a month ago for Hall of Famers on BT. I was told a week ago that I would receive an update regardi...
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Three item Gift from Fresh with $35C Purchase
I received an email today about a promo gift from Fresh if one makes a $35 Canadian purchase online. However, I only had TWO items to choose from at checkout!! Please advise.
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Unsuccessful authorization
I have placed one successful order last month and then I tried to place an order a few days ago but unsuccessful and the money came out of my account. Then my money was refunded and my order was cance...
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Has anyone had an item missing from their order?
Yesterday I received my package but one of the items I ordered was missing.. however everything else looked good. Has anyone had any issues with this? I sent a message through customer service.. are t...
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Wrong email
If I accidentally used another email of mine to checkout and that's not connected to a account how do I redeem those points?
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