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Elle Mag subscription
Hi! I need to change my address on my Elle subscription that I received through Sephora. How do I do this? Thanks!
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Missing item
My latest order is missing an item! Everything but one arrived as it should. Please help!
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Beauty Insider
Hello!I've had my VIB card for years but I never registered it online. Now that I only order online I'd like to get it registered so I can get my points! I'm not really sure how to get it registered. Can anyone help?
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Hi, i didn't receive my package. The tracking status said Delivered but i looked everywhere. I'm sure OnTrac lost it again. OnTrac is the worst shipping company. Can somebody arrange a replacement, pl...
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Sephora package never arrived? (UPS)
My package was supposed to arrive 2 days ago, and the UPS tracking page says that it's delivered, but I checked all around my house and couldn't find anything. The order total was only $13 but still.....
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Loves List
Hi Sephora! Please make the Loves List available from the main menu as it was prior to these new changes. I use that feature a lot and now it takes a lot of digging to reach my Loves List. Thank-you for your consideration.
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Birthday gift
My birthday was a month ago and I haven't had time to claim my gift. Will I still be able to get after all this time?
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SIJCP emails
Hi, I only receive Sephora VIB Rouge emails. I have received online free gift with purchase emails, however, I have not been receiving the free gift with purchase inside the JCP store. I was wondering...
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I placed an order on Friday the 14th- paid for standard 3 day shipping- today is the 24th and tracking indicates it should be arriving today. I emailed customer service Friday 21st inquiring about the...
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What shade would i be
If I wear Estée Lauder double wear in color 2w2 what shade would I be in make up forever mat velvet +mattifiying foundation
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