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Why doesn't Sephora have a reviewer incentive program?

Smiley HappySmiley HappyI think it would cool if the more we review and talk on here than the better chances of us getting free samples, testers or even full sized products. Don't get me wrong I love the VIB program but I think this would be a neat way to improve it. They could even give you points for reviewing like 1 review = 10 points. If you do 10 reviews than you get a free 100 point perk. What do you think??? Smiley Happy

Re: Why doesn't Sephora have a reviewer incentive program?

I think that would be a fantastic idea!! Glossy Box has the same sort of program but you can only get points for the box you recieved and you can only earn up to 100 points a month.I think if they put sdomething like this into action it would help increase their already big following.

Re: Why doesn't Sephora have a reviewer incentive program?

I think this is an idea worth pursuing. My idea is that Sephora only allow one point per review, and that the review has to come from the email link or Sephora could set their system to check if the person actually purchased the item through the company. Sephora could also make it a word limit to, in order to earn the point. I say all this because, sometimes I purchase products from Sephora's competition and post reviews on Sephora's website, and I don't think it would be fair if I earned points on those reviews. The only reason I do this is because, in my personal opinion, Sephora has the most honest users. I usually read a lot of the reviews on Sephora's site before I purchase any beauty product and weigh the good and the bad to make an informed decision. It doesn't matter to me if it's detailed or as simple as "didn't work for me". Especially since most of the products Sephora sells are premium brands and therefore higher priced. I also hate returning stuff!

Re: Why doesn't Sephora have a reviewer incentive program?

I would love this too. I try to review everything I try. It does take up some time,but I still do it. I hate useless reviews too. I think they also should have a box to tell what color ppl are reviewing. That way I know which colors are goodin case I'm interested in that one.

Re: Why doesn't Sephora have a reviewer incentive program?

This would be great! I agree that Sephora should only give points if you have purchased the product. I only buy a product online if the reviews are good. This would allow more accurate reviews as well.

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