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Which Clarisonic system is best for me?

Hi,beauty talk! I am looking for good advice and insight about a clarisonic system that could fit my skin type, okay i have dry to normal complection and dont get too much acne just every ounce in a while, so if anybody out there would be kind with me and help me find the correct system i would be very appreciative, thanks.

Re: Which Clarisonic system is best for me?

I have the Clarisonic Mia 2.  It is the first Clarisonic that I purchased last March, so I've had it approximately 10 months.  The main reason I purchased the Mia 2, is because it has a timer to prevent me from over or under cleansing,  It also has 2 speeds for when I need either gentle or more vigorous cleansing power.  I have a normal complexion as well, but tend to get an ocassional minor dry patch in the winter.  Of all products that I've purchased, it is by far my favorite.  I have said repeatedly, it it ever breaks, I will immediately go by another one.  I will add that the brush type you choose makes the bigger impact than which Clarisonic unit you purchase.  Mine came with the sensitive skin brush.  I used that for a couple weeks to get my skin used to the cleaning style. I have since purchased the deep pore brush and the acne brush (even though I only have occasional/rare acne since I started using the Clarisonic).  I like the level of clean both brushes offer because they give a deeper clean.  I used to have more frequent breakouts before I started using the Clarisonic.  I love the fact that you can use any facial cleansing liquid/gel etc... with it.  I am a big fan of the Murad brand cleansers with my Clarisonic.  It will be a purchase you will not regret!!  Enjoy and best wishes!

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