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When will there be another registry/wish list feature?

When will there be a feature to replace the gift registry feature? My bridal shower is in a week and the theme is Sephora/Pamper the Bride. I had a huge registry here and added it to my shopping list, but now can't show my guests and they're bugging me about it.
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Sorry for the inconvenience lipglossjunkee.  There is no...

Sorry for the inconvenience lipglossjunkee.  There is no longer an option to have a gift registry on our site.  I'll be sure to pass along your request to the appropriate contact to bring it back. Smiley Wink  At this time, the only option I could think of is creating a board on Pinterest.  If you and your friends are familiar with Pinterest you could all have access to items you wish to have.  The only downfall is not being able to know if someone has purchased the item for you, but this way your friends are able to see the board and the items you want.  All our products on our site have a pin button you could easily press and it will add the product to the board you have created.  Currently, we have a Pinterest contest going on so I recommend checking it out.  Good luck.


I hope this helps!


P.S. Congratulations on your engagement.





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