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When will sephora fix the rogue status?!

I'm not spending money just to hit rogue, it's just really disappointing  that I've spent over the amount you're suppose to for "rogue" and even when I was in the store today I still spent over the limit it said for me to hit rogue status, but they couldn't do anything they told me to call sephora lol didnt even have any free samples Smiley Sad  & I was really looking forward to actually having a vib card instead of always giving my email. Not only that, I was looking at my receipt doesn't even look like she linked the purchase to my account? & its not showing up in my purchase history. Should I call or just give it a few more days? because I know other people were experiencing problems with the VIB Rogue status. Anyone else still having a problem? Did anyone call and they were able to fix it?

Re: When will sephora fix the rogue status?!

Same thing happened to me, but only VIB. I needed $45 more to stay at VIB and I had spent WAAAAAAYYYY past that this weekend from the sale, but my account is saying I need $95 more to stay at VIB. Guess I'll see if it sorts itself out in a few days. Keep us updated!

Re: When will sephora fix the rogue status?!

Hi Amynadinexo, I'll be happy to take a look and send you a message with more information.

Re: When will sephora fix the rogue status?!

Heard it takes longer for the system to update on the weekends. My spend amount to Rouge is not reflecting current purchases, but my points updated from recent online purchases. Just give it some time to work itself may take a few days to reflect the new level for you.


The receipt should show Beauty Insider Sale at the top, if not you may need to call to have the receipt linked.



For instore: easier way to give email, log into your account on then click View Card, take a screenshot of the barcode and keep with you, the store just scans the barcode. I haven't had a problem, but I do also have my card barcode on my phone.


EDIT: logged in the mobile way (on pc) and this is now showing

"After placing an order, please allow 2-5 days for your VIB progress to update in our systems."

Re: When will sephora fix the rogue status?!

When I heard back from a Mod she said it would be fixed within a week.  However, I heard later that it turns out that some people's spend totals were showing as higher than they really were and that was adjusted on Thursday.


Were you keeping track of your purchases, points etc? Or just going off of what your acct showed on here?

Re: When will sephora fix the rogue status?!

I just added up all my purchases in my history & I spent $1250 at sephora since January. That doesn't seem to make much sense because it told me before the glitch to spend $11 to get the rogue but I should have already been rogue according to my purchase history & since the glitch it said to spend $60, I spent $80 and they still couldn't do anything to my acct. :/

Re: When will sephora fix the rogue status?!

That's crazy.  If you don't see your totals updated within a few days then contact a Mod through here or call CS.

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