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What to pack for traveling

I'm sure you ladies can attest to this.. When I travel I seem to overpack with makeup. Can anyone give me suggestions on how to pack less makeup? I think I am more concern about the brushes. I plan on taking my eye and face primer, blush, loose translucent powder, foundation, and one or two eyeshadows. HELP :). I will be out of town for a week.

Re: What to pack for traveling

The Aqualilies palette is amazing for this. I love it! Has anything and everything and is very easy to use. I would suggest instead of bringing single eyeshadows to bring a palette along that will be very versatile. 

Re: What to pack for traveling

I like to pack a palette that has a bronzer, blush, eyeshadows and a  highlighter (Aqualillies Palette by Tarte).  For brushes, I use my Sephora Collection Advanced Airbrush set bag to store my brushes in.

Re: What to pack for traveling

A few years ago around the holidays MAC had 3 different small glitter brush sets. I snagged up all 3 just for traveling. They aren't the same quality as the regular MAC brushes, it works for traveling. 

Before that I tried to limit my usual tools, and keep taking a few away until I was left with the basics. & combo palettes (like Tarte) are great for makeup; blush, bronzer, highlighter & a few eyeshadows. 

I think it doesn't matter how long you're away for, but what you're actually doing on vacation. If I'm going someplace warm I pack products with extra SPF & all waterproof. If I'm going camping or will be doing a lot of hiking, my makeup is simple. 

Remember, 1 black eyeliner & 1 dark shadow can be used differently for day & night. Draw a cat eye or smoke out your shadow for night, but keep is simple during the day. 

Re: What to pack for traveling

haha i have a trip i'm taking in about 6 weeks and i've been obsessing over this myself... we have to pack for four people for a week and a half, and fit it all in our car comfortably, with a stroller and my son's bulky carseat. we need to hopefully fit it all in the trunk so that my daughter isn't squished between the carseat and stuff. there's no way i can take all of my makeup with me haha. whatever i take will probably have to be squeezed into my suitcase, because we're going to disneyland, so there will be more stuff coming home than we leave with! maybe i need more minis. mini everything! lucky me there's at least a sephora in downtown disney, so i can always just have them apply my makeup for me every day haha. make good use of my beauty studio pass! i am planning on bringing sample vials of perfume with me, that way i don't have to worry about losing or breaking anything. 

Re: What to pack for traveling

omg this is like, so totally my favorite subject, and a huge driver for most of my makeup purchases.  I travel a lot for work and have devoted many happy hours to developing the best, smallest, most portable makeup kit possible.  An obsession with adorable mini stuff helps too!


For years I used this brush kit for all my trips:




Stila Eyeshadow Trio in Ethereal:



For foundation, I'm currently using KVD which I squeeze a few pumps into a small sample jar (the kind with a screw-on lid, because the pop top ones sometimes open during a flight) which is good enough for several days.


For primer, I just pop a deluxe Smashbox primer sample into my TSA-approved ziplock bag.


Something new I've been testing out on my last couple of business trips is the NARS eye and cheek palette (mine's from Nordie's but the Sephora one is nearly the same) and I'm definitely loving the slim, compact case with *two* blush options!




Re: What to pack for traveling

This set is perfect. I is slender and won't take up much space.  I have it and use it home and away.

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