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What is on the VIB board?

I just made VIB.  Got my welcome email with the 10% off offer.  Don't know if I will get VIB emails yet or not, though I did call and they said they added me to the list, so we'll see.


Like many others, I cannot access the VIB board.  I can't find a link to even try accessing it directly, though I did find links posted in Beauty Talk.  When I clicked them, I was told I didn't have sufficient privileges to view the page, or something like that.  Someone told me to log out, log in, clear history, clear cache, etc.  I did all that, and it did not help.  I was told to call customer service.  I did.  I got disconnected from the regular number, so I thought maybe it would be best to call the VIB number.  Surely if anyone knows about accessing the VIB board it would be them, right?  Wrong!  The girl didn't even know what I was talking about.  She kept putting me on hold and had to go get her supervisor.  In the end, I was told I "should" be able to access it by clicking this and that, which I did, but the board still wasn't showing.  I got into the Beauty Insider board, which I am 99% positive has nothing to do with the VIB board.


So now I'm wondering if the VIB boards are anything special?  Does it duplicate the information given out to VIBs in emails?  I was really looking for a way to make sure I stayed informed on my own, as so many have said they've had issues with the emails.  If all the board does is duplicate email information, I may be better off just trying to make sure my emails work.  Still, this is all very frustrating.  What more can I do?  (I should say "we do" as I've seen so many others in this same situation--We are told to call customer service but the problem never gets fixed).  So while I'm hoping I really was added to the list for VIB emails, I'm not holding my breath.  Is there anyone out there who maybe posts all VIB info to a blog?  I just don't want to miss any great offers, is all.  Though, it really doesn't matter for a few weeks or months.  Between the chic sale not too long ago and the recent 15 days promos, I really need to give my wallet a Sephora break!




The VIB board is just like the BI board, only with topics...

The VIB board is just like the BI board, only with topics that pertain to VIBs. There are a few threads where users post the current promotion codes, discuss VIB items, and general chit-chat.


It's located here:


I hope that helps!

Re: The VIB board is just like the BI board, only with topics...

Thanks! Unfortunately, it confirms that this is exactly what I want--somewhere to go to access all the VIB promotion codes and find out about VIB events. But my VIB isn't registering for Beauty Talk. I just hope they got my emails right. I was also told (when I called today for the second time) that I could check Sephora's facebook page for VIB promos. I sure hope I don't miss out on any great deals!
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