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What Gives For Canadians Being Restricted From This Week's "Fan Friday" Special?!

I'm COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED to have found out that this week's "Fan Friday" special is restricted from Canadian orders as I'm ABSOLUTELY a HUGE "Hello Kitty" fan since 1991, when I was 3 years of age, and I was actually planning on placing a LARGE order of "Hello Kitty" products for this Christmas because the original full collection was launched a month after last Christmas in which it was in the beginning of this year! ='( All of the Canadian "Hello Kitty" fans are going to be just as disappointed as I am due to us Canadians shouldn't have been restricted from this week's "Fan Friday" special for "Hello Kitty" is supposed to be an international icon as well! =( Also, I just don't understand why Sephora is the only U.S. company that I know of who allows Canadians to place online orders with restrictions as it just makes no sense compared to other U.S. companies that ship to Canada without restrictions since it just seems so ridiculous! Looks like I'm going to have to cancel my Christmas shopping with Sephora and shop at my local Sanrio stores in Canada for Sephora apparently favor their U.S. customers VS their Canadian customers! Very bad marketing strategies in order to try to gain Canadian customers in which it's obviously more like in order to lose Canadian customers if you ask me! Especially since the Canadian dollar is stronger than the U.S. dollar ever since after the 9/11 happened anyway! As well, many more Canadian customers are going to be frustrated once they're fed up with all the restrictions soon enough like me, especially, since I've dealt with all of this for 5 years already!

Dang, I've never even heard of Fan Friday until this post...

Dang, I've never even heard of Fan Friday until this post.


I refuse to use Facebook, or any other social network for that matter, for personal reasons- too bad I'm also excluded from these offers too. That Tokidoki bag is cute!

Hi Swtaznqt. Sorry that this weeks Fan Friday offer is no...

Hi Swtaznqt. Sorry that this weeks Fan Friday offer is not available for Canadian orders. Sephora is actively working to improve the Canadian experience. I will make sure your feedback is incorporated. There are offers reserved for our Canadian clients, so make sure to check our Canadian offers page for exclusives.

I've waited for another week in hopes that Sephora would...

I've waited for another week in hopes that Sephora would honor this deal to Canadians as well...BUT...this is the EXACT same problem with the EXACT same deal with this week's "Weekly Specials"! Moreover, there's NOT even one single sample that I would like to get either as ALL 3 of the ones that I wanted are now GONE! Apparently, what's the point of placing an order anymore or going into a Canadian store if everything I saw online that I want from "Hello Kitty" is NOT all in-stores because they're "Online Only" as well as I might as well give every single freebie away due to I have ABSOLUTELY NO USE for any of them?! In this case, there's no point in making business with your company anymore as I've had MORE THAN enough of it!

Re: Hi Swtaznqt. Sorry that this weeks Fan Friday offer is no... thanks, I'm not interested in any other offers but the "Hello Kitty" makeup bag. I'll just exclude getting the "Hello Kitty" products from Sephora then, thanks.
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