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VIB program

What is with the VIB program lately? The last offer was a free nail really, I spend hundreds of dollars every year and I get a $9 polish free? And then I don't even know what was before that (I never receive my VIB emails anymore) but the VIB perks are far and few between these days. I know I for one have started shopping elsewhere for many of my items, as other stores offer sales much more often (20% off sales are abundant on many sites!). I am slowly losing my love for Sephora. I hope Sephora realizes that there are many other retailers out there now.

Re: VIB program

Yup, I just became a VIB last year and the only thing that I've gotten was 20% off when I by chance went into the Sephora store.  No emails about it or any other perk!  It's really frustrating.

Re: VIB program

@torama - Thanks for letting us know you haven't been receiving emails! I will send you a private message to help you out with that.


If anyone else has experienced issues receiving our emails, please make sure you are subscribed and have added "" to your contacts. It's not uncommon for email providers to think our email blasts are Spam. If it's still a problem, please give Customer Service a call at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672) & select option 2. In most cases, having a Beauty Advisor refresh your email settings will fix the problem. You can also feel free to send me a private message with your account information and I will be happy to assist you. Smiley Happy


Re: VIB program

I realize this doesn't exactly answer @porticia's original question, but the best I can do is to forward all your feedback to the appropriate contact within the organization.


We are listening to your comments about the VIB program, and appreciate hearing from you.


@porticia - If you are still experiencing any issues with your email subscription, please call the VIB hotline or 1-877-737-4672.


Hope that helps!


Re: VIB program

Thanks but I'm not going to call anymore. I've wasted many hours on the phone for several weeks and it is still not fixed. I am not going to waste any more of my valuable time hearing the same thing..that they are going to "refresh" my email, which never works. Many, many others have the same problem so I know it isn't just me and my email address..especially since I was asked to provide a different email address and there STILL was the same issue.


It would be great if Sephora just posted the current VIB perks when we log into our accounts AND posted them on their FB page (I'm not on FB but I know many of my friends that aren't getting their VIB emails are and would appreciate the heads up since they have no other way to know what VIB perks are available.

Re: VIB program

That's a great idea! At this time VIB's have discussed posting VIB promo information on the Beauty Talk VIB board which could be helpful. To access, sign into your VIB account and go to the Bright Ideas board > click VIB > find thread “Post current VIB offer.”


Re: VIB program

So far I have not been able to find that thread. I don't really find the Beauty Talk site to be very user friendly, to be honest, so trying to find that thread is a lot of work to find out what the recent VIB perk is. I would rather prefer to have it listed on my account when I sign into or, as I mentioned, posted on FB. Those two options are much easier to access that trying to find that thread on this site. Or better yet, actually get my emails!! But often times I read that some VIBs don't get their emails on the first, second or third day the perk is offered so by the time they get their email (due to the "waves" of emails Sephora sends out, rather than all at once or, at least, a few days prior to the offer so by the time all VIBs get the email, they have a fighting chance to get the perk), the perk is already OOS. The VIB program really needs a revamp.

I agree completely with this post, I think all the perks...

I agree completely with this post, I think all the perks lately, not just the 500 point perk have been less than exciting. I got the 500 point Philosophy kit in January only because I was out of cleanser, not that the other items in the kit were so stellar, plus I was thinking that having over 1500 points that were just sitting there was pointless. I think Sephora ought to have a 500 or 1000 point UD set that really rocks, that would get me off my butt and use up those points!

Re: I agree completely with this post, I think all the perks...

lol, I reread my post this morning and realized it sounded kind of rude and I don't mean it to be but I remember at the inception of the VIB program it was really awesome- lots of nice perks and frequently! And yes, the 500 pt perks use to be much nicer as well. It just seems that the whole program has gotten a little "weak",

I too have about 1500 points but up until recently, I had well over 2500 but after months and months of waiting for something that I wouldn't react to skincare-wise (I have sensitive, combo skin) or something that I thought was somewhat worth the $500 that the 500 points are essentially equates to, I just started using them for something less than stellar just because I had kind of given up hope of anything decent coming along. My store's 500 point perks are even worse- usually stuff we can buy in the store for less than $10. The 500 pt perk that is online right now, for example, is one that was just recently on sale online for about $15 or so and that BE had on sale for less than $10 at one time. Oh and yes, would LOVE 1000 pt and 1500 pt perks too..and ones that are worth it (even like a $50 gift card would be amazing!).

Again, I appreciate them offering a program but other stores offer lots of nice perks too and some even cashback on every purchase that you can use towards future purchase. I am no longer faithful to Sephora because, to be honest, the company with the best bang for the buck gets my moolah..AND customer service is important as well, which I have had about 50/50 good and bad at Sephora, unfortunately. The whole issue with a bunch of people not getting their promotional emails is also frustrating, especially when Sephora blames it on their email provider, regardless of the fact that many, many people are having the same issue and they have different email providers and they haven't had a problem receiving the emails in the past.

I agree with you and mermade completely.  The offer befor...

I agree with you and mermade completely.  The offer before the free nail polish was a mineral blush/brush set and it was for all beauty insiders - it sold out in like 5 minutes.  I think Sephora got that one backwards, the clearance nail polish should've been for all insiders and the blush and brush should've been for VIBs.  I currently have 950 points, and yeah, what's the point if there's nothing good to use them on?  Other sites have reward programs too.


Have you tried contacting customer service regarding not receiving your emails?  They can update and refresh your subsriptions and that should take care of the problem.  If that doesn't help, you can always check the VIB board on here since we usually post the latest offers there too.

I have also noticed that the perks have slowed down drama...

I have also noticed that the perks have slowed down dramatically. I have also started shopping at different sites. I would love to exclusively shop at Sephora because their customer service is GREAT, but they pretty consistenly have higher prices than other sites. The perks are what make it worth shopping at Sephora and since they haven't been so great lately, I've been straying. The V day perk was a nail polish that was actually on CLEARANCE for $5. It was like:" VIB's we love you so much we are going to unload a product that doesn't sell on you!"

Whatever, I thought it was funny but I could totally understand it from a business perspective. Better than throwing them away or selling them to a discount retailer.


I would love to see them send out the free shipping for small orders perk more often! I don't want to spend $50 every single time I shop, and other websites give free shipping at $25 or have cheaper prices and shipping rates than Sephora. I have over 1000 points, so that tells you the perks haven't been doing it for me lately. If I'm not using the points, there's no "point" in collecting them, so I shop elsewhere in addition to Sephora.


The thing that keeps me coming back is the exceptional customer service and free returns. I know if I have a problem with an order, or find out after a month of using something that it's not working for me, I can return it without a problem, and will get a helpful, friendly customer service representative to assist me.


LOVE the VIB only customer service line!

Re: I have also noticed that the perks have slowed down drama...

I just have to add my name to the group of people that is fustrated (and can't spell very well) by the not getting email and the lack of cool 500pt gifts.  And how long was that last one before the BE one up there anyhow?  It felt like months! I also agree on 1000 and 1500 dollar awesome gifts.  The points is something I consider when the price is close with other online stores.  I do need to say the other thing I always consider is, like the others have said, the excellent Customer Service and the wonderful return policy.  Just today I was helping a girl shop who only buys MAC and was upset when I told her that at Sephora we didn't have to pay shipping on returns.  I still had to say that shopping online and paying shipping is cheaper than driving the 3 hours to the closest store that carries MAC. (I only have to travel an hour  for a Sephora in a JCPenny's.  Smiley Happy ) ( I do live in the middle of nowhere and am very grateful for the internet!)  Thanks for the place to gripe!

Re: I have also noticed that the perks have slowed down drama...

I agree. I think Sephora needs to step it up in order to entice us to buy from them; the points just aren't doing it anymore. I really like anymore. I've gotten some really great deals from them lately and you don't need to spend $50 to get a free perk. has 20% off right now. That's where I got my Clarisonic Smiley Happy Getting 20% off made it worth shopping there rather than getting the points at Sephora, plus the fact that in this state we don't have to pay sales tax for that site. 


Not to say that I don't still love Sephora! I do enjoy their customer service. I've had at least 3 or 4 orders where I didn't receive everything I ordered, but was billed for it, and when I called they were very helpful and sent the items right out without questioning it. Plus you cannot beat the return policy. 


But all things considered, it's just not smart to not shop around and try to get the most bang for our buck. 

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