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VIB Rouge

When will it show that I am VIB Rouge? I just made a few separate purchases online.

Re: VIB Rouge

Hi MermaidBarbie,


Once you qualify for VIB Rouge, your status should update within about 3-4 days and you will receive a Welcome Email Smiley Happy  


xo, Mia

Re: VIB Rouge

Thank you, Mia. Smiley Happy In my last transaction I added the VIB Rouge welcome kit that comes with a mini lipstick. I am just confused about something: before my four separate purchases I recently did almost several hours ago, I needed 351 dollars more to be VIB Rouge. Yet, when it finally showed me at the top of the page that I need to purchase these items to be rouge and added the welcome kit with lipstick, I added all my transactions up and I actually spent twice the amount of 351 dollars....several hundred dollars. I didn't want to spend twice the amount, but it seemed like I needed to keep purchasing to make it. This is confusing.

Re: VIB Rouge

Since the system is still updating, it will still show the "amount needed" to upgrade to VIB until then.  If you have already spend the required amount, your account will be upgraded soon.  Sorry for the confusion!

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