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VIB Rouge in Canada?

In the FAQ for VIB Rouge it said that it was available in Canada and when someone asked for confirmation that it would be free 3 day like in US, a mod said no, that it would take longer. She didn't say there would be no free shipping to Canada though, so I am wondering why the website still wants to charge $7.95. I put through one small order without noticing that it charged me shipping, can anyone help me with this, shouldn't the shipping be free? Thank you!!

Re: VIB Rouge in Canada?

Hi Rikkie Sorry for the confusion! Yes! We do want our Canadian VIB Rouge clients to have that benefit and in the future it should be automatic but, for right now, we will need to manually refund you for the shipping.  I'll send you a message to help.

Re: VIB Rouge in Canada?

Thanks a million for the explanation! Just wanted to be sure before racking up the shipping costs Smiley Happy

Re: VIB Rouge in Canada?

That's good to know!  How is the shipping refunded then?  Is it put as credit? Refunded to the credit card used?  Applied to the next order?  Thanks!

Re: VIB Rouge in Canada?

Yes, the funds are put back onto a credit card; however you will need to call to have to have an order refunded. Please give us a call at 1-877-SEPHORA so that we can explain this to you in more detail if you're still curious. Thanks!

Whimsically yours,

Re: VIB Rouge in Canada?

Has it become automatic now or do ROUGE clients in Canada still need to call customer service for a shipping refund?

Re: VIB Rouge in Canada?

@Amelia The issue has been fixed and is now automatic Smiley Happy


Re: VIB Rouge in Canada?

Great! Thank you! Smiley Happy

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