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Un real

I have a question for you guys have any of you been banned or gotten a warning for returning or exchanging an items? 

I went to Sephora with a TOM FORD foundation it was completely the wrong color and that was my fault I guess but with Covid this past year and a half you had to guess and even the girls would say well if your just buy it and it doesn’t work out just bring it back for a refund or an exchange. It’s annoying to have to return or exchange anything but Tom Ford is expensive we all no that so no doubt I’m going to get a different shade or just my money back in general if it doesn’t work out. Well it didn’t ofcourse the shade was off and it just didn’t mesh with my skin after thinking about it And looking at all my foundations I was just going to get my money back it was a purchase that just wasn’t needed right now so fast forward I’m in front of the sales people there’s people behind me i have the receipt and everything is perfect with the box and everything, well I go to put my debit card in that I paid with and she stopped me immediately and said “oh no no no your flagged or banned from returning” my jaw was on the floor first saying it like that people are looking at me she is obviously judging me for some reason thinking I’m a return repeat offender or some crap and I was confused about what was going on she didn’t explain anything to me she gave me my purchase back and said idk call this number I was red so embarrassed how they can treat someone like that. I have made a few returns or exchanges since Covid ofcourse I think everyone has I’m a rouge member I spend a lot of money there but I guess that doesn’t matter or that you have everything you need for the return or EXCHANGE  I couldn’t even get the right shade if I wanted to I was dumbfounded. I called the number they don’t tell you crap either just that it’s up to a year band I think he said (not 100% sure) I could  barely understand him but I’m completely shocked how Sephora handles this idk what to do I want to not shop there anymore at all I was livid at the way I was treated and judged and now I’m stuck with this expensive foundation that I can’t even wear. 

sorry for the rant but that’s my experience with Sephora right now. Has anyone had this happen if so how did you handle it and what’s being done? Shame on Sephora completely shocked with Covid going around people have to be returning I would assume or exchange so people must of had to experienced this as well right? 

Re: Un real

@Brandii1016 I will send you a PM to help. 

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