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Two accounts, same E-mail

I had signed up for a beauty card about almost two years ago. I didn't realize that the sales associate had taken my e-mail down wrong. 


Within this time I've made some purchases under the what should have been the correct e-mail online. 


About a week ago I was able to 'update' the e-mail in store. I've now come to realize that it's not the same account so to speak. When I sign-in online my points or purchases aren't matching for the account I have with the card and probably because it was originally under the wrong e-mail. Is there a way to fix this so my online account reflects the points and recent purchases of the updated e-mail for on the card. 

Re: Two accounts, same E-mail

Hi Megjnmejia,


Sure, no problem! I'll message you now to link up your accounts.

<3 Melissa
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