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Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

I bought the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette at a sephora store today, and when I opened the box, the eyeshadows were already touched and the brush is gone. I don't get why this would happen, because the opened box for sampling was right in front for use, and the one I got was the one behind it in a closed box.

I have to go back to the store and exhange, which sucks because today was the only time I had to go to a Sephora store.


Hopefully this doesn't happen again!

Re: Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

Oh no! I totally understand your frustration and also hope it doesn't happen again. The Too Faced Natural Eye Palette is my favorite palette because you can wear it anywhere and any time of the day. Hopefully you're able to get to the store soon for the replacement. Smiley Happy The store should have no problem exchanging the palette for you. You can find the stores information at the top of your receipt or on our Store Locator: When you get the palette exchanged and need tips on how to use it feel free to post away on our makeup discussion board.


Hope this helps!

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