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The Holiday Homepage

Maybe this is dorky of me, but I think the Holiday changes to the site are cute!  Smiley Very Happy  The gifts tab is also very handy lol. 

Re: The Holiday Homepage



I am such a dork and could not agree with your more. I have been with Sephora a long time and this is going the be the most beautiful sophisticated Holiday yet! The visuals are gorgeous and classy! I just love the old hollywood feel it has to it! It is going to be an amazing holiday!


-Erik Soto

Sephora PRO

Re: The Holiday Homepage



I agree, I really like the new site change. Its already putting me in the holiday spirit. I like this time of year because, of all the awesome holiday sets.Smiley Very Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: The Holiday Homepage

I think the new home page is so elegant!  I love the winter golds and whites (I do my Christmas tree in those colors, was fun when I had a Golden Retriever, his ornaments fit right along the other gold ones!)


The Gifts that ship free tab is nice too, gives you a good starting point in the $50 and up price category.


Kudos on the model's makeup, so much nicer than the ones with really over the top makeup only suitable for a really out-there party!

Re: The Holiday Homepage

I love the page changes, keeps me from being bored haha but I AM mad at Sephora for removing the natural tab ( it still exists but its less convenient) and all it tells me is that Sephora doesnt care about natural products. >_< The replacement tab is fine BUT they could have just added it next to the natural tab instead of just replacing it.

Re: The Holiday Homepage

Hi Ladies!


Thank you for all the feedback, it sure is nice to know everyone likes the new homepage decorations and gifts tab! FYI any gift sets you see that you MIGHT be considering.. purchase them soon! I went yesterday to my nearest Sephora store to pick up the super cute Marc Jacobs rollerball set and the mini polish set is SO cute!





@Sephoramusthave I totally understand how you feel! Please know that at Sephora we definitely ARE committed to having great natural products and decided to move the "naturals" tab to be under each brand so you can find any natural items the brands carry. We did add our new "Sephora TV" in its old tab slot on the top and there are really helpful videos that I LOVE watching for more tips. Smiley Happy I'll be sure to pass on your feedback as I miss the Natural tab too! Thanks!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: The Holiday Homepage

I guess I'm not so dorky afterall lol.  Perhaps this scheme has inspired some nail art.  I do have one of the L.A. Colors Art Polishes in a glittery gold! lol.


@dianabt  I want to see the OPI for Sephora 18 piece in person so bad!  I hope my nearby one gets in it.  During the FandF sales, I ordered the 6 piece Christmas set for my boyfriend's mom for Christmas.  I think she'll love it!

Re: The Holiday Homepage

You're not alone on this one Kimmi.  I like the changes too.  Fits with the VIB mail theme to make a cohesive holiday campaign. 


(Although my semi decorator side comes out saying it would be awesome to see gold and white themed mini trees and decorations throughout the retail stores.  Maybe they will.  Or a green tree with the white roses, soft fabric flowers/leaves, and gold ornaments.)


The gifts tab is also a good idea, especially for first time sephora online purchasers.  Or for those who do not have a Sephora nearby trying to buy someone a beauty related gift.  Most websites do see more online traffic during these times. 

Re: The Holiday Homepage

I love the color scheme. Perfect for the holiday!(: 

Re: The Holiday Homepage

haha I have been thinking the same thing for the past few days. I love it!

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