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The Best Sephora experience ever!

Okay, yesterday I had the greatest person ever at Sephora! Normally when I go into Sephoras I always feel like their surmising you and then deciding how "nice" their going to be. I am young and I don't have a lot of money, but hey i'm still a customer....right? I don't mean to trash any one either, cause everyone is always still pleasant, but I always get the feeling that they consider me as a worthless customer. Anyhow, yesterday I passed a Sephora and went in.

I saw a nail polish (can't ever have too many) and decided to get it. I walk up to the register and (i'm feeling a little embarrassed cause all i'm buying is one nail polish thats $5) I hand her the polish to ring up. She takes it and she says, " oh, you accidentally grabbed the tester". Any one else would have made me feel stupid, but this lady just rolled with it like it happens all the time ( she was so nice, I didn't fell embarrassed). She comes back with a regular one plus an additional polish thats really similar. She tells me that the other polish is $0.40 less and twice as much polish and if I would rather get that one? I'm like ya ( I mean how many people are willing to offer something that costs less and is a better deal)! Its my birthday soon too so I was able to pick up my b-day gift. She didn't make me feel weird at all for getting something free, especially after spending only a few dollars. What really made it though was when she gave me a sample, wild horses can't drag samples out of the people at Sephora. The only other time I got a sample is when my mom bought some really expensive perfume, all the lady gave us was teeny facial cleanser packet that smelled like burnt plastic. The sample this lady gave me was a Deluxe Sample ( thats what it said on the packaging), that you would only expect to get if you spent over $100 at their store. Let me tell you I was one delighted girl Smiley Happy! That is the way to do samples. She was great, she was really nice and upbeat and made me feel like a valued customer. All I can say was that was a wonderful experience and that I wish I had gotten the lady's name ( I wanted to recommend her). And thanks for reading if you made all the way to the end Smiley Happy.

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

I had a wonderful FIRST ever experience with the Sephora store. The store was so fancy and well-laid out. The staff were friendly (not just polite, but honestly friendly). They pointed out what I needed and were very helpful.  I even had my crazy 3-year old with me and they smiled at her and talked to her.


So, if you are ever in Champaign, Illinois - go to the Sephora in the mall - the girls are VERY excellent! I've always enjoyed shopping in-person more than online and I'd hate for you all to never have a good experience with them again.  Their address (in case you GPS like me) is:

2000 North Neil St. Suite #600

Champaign, IL 61820



Have fun!

Smiley Happy

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

I have to say, I too have had some similar experiences. It can be hit and miss-- depending on how you're dressed or whatever. I do have to say though that usually the staff at the Sephora at the Mall of America in MN is usually great and I will go out of my way to go the if I can,  I do usually order online anyway.  

I have been at other Sephora locations where the sales people may not want to help me, only to find out at the register that I have VIB status and be embarrassed

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

That sounds lovely!  I find myself doing my makeup really nicely and wearing nice clothes when I know I'm going to sephora or a pricey dept. store because I feel like they're judging me (I'm a student), so I'm not exactly rich. 


I had a nice experience in the downtown Chicago Sephora everyone was very helpful and friendly and I didn't need any help so they were happy to give me some space.

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

I know what you mean. If I am in a sweatshirt and I walk in Sephora i'm like, uh oh Smiley Happy.

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

I'm happy for you. Now that's service! Smiley Happy I wish I could get service like that. Most of the staff stalk me as if I'm a thief or something, am rarely greeted or helped, and don't give me samples unless I request it at the register, and only then, it would be a perfume scent on a sample card. -__- And I've been a VIB for a while now and even when I informed the lady at the counter, she sounded 'whatever,' like she would give me the VIB card at the end of my transaction, but still never did. This is why I shop online mostly versus in-store because not only do I actually get nice samples online, but I won't be treated like some worthless thief.

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

Thanks. I am sorry you have bad experiences too. I was in another Sephora yesterday, and it was back to being treated like junk.

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

I'm so happy for you @1930sbella!

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

That was a really nice experience!

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

Hi 1930sBella, thanks for the positive feedback! I would love to forward your compliment to our retail division. Where was the store located (city & state)? Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

Washington state and it was the Sephora in University Village Seattle.

Re: The Best Sephora experience ever!

Thanks! Smiley Happy

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