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Tarte blush achiote...thoughts?

As you all know, I love Tarte's Amazonian clay blushes. I currently own blushing bride, exposed, peaceful, and buff. All beautiful colors on my NC42

Complexion. My question is about the color achiote. Sephora describes it as a shimmering golden pink. Beauty reviews call it a red peach or warm rose. This color seems to be rare because I rarely see samples of it in Sephora or Ulta stores. It is mostly offered online. Can anyone tell me what is the most accurate description of this color and what it may look like on NC42 skin?

Re: Tarte blush achiote...thoughts?

I have it, and I agree, I don't see shimmer.  Definitely not shiny anyway. 


It is pink, I guess, but it's not bright pink at all.  I'm sorry, I have no idea what your color number translates to, but this is a nice warm color that I think would flatter a number of skin types.

Re: Tarte blush achiote...thoughts?

Thanks Mafan, the YouTube reviews claim it's a universal shade and its a shade the Brazilian girls wear to bring out their natural beauty.

Re: Tarte blush achiote...thoughts?

shimmering? odd. I have it and its matte. No glitter in it or anything. It's really pretty color though. Agree with GGrace that it looks nice on tanned skin Smiley Happy

Re: Tarte blush achiote...thoughts?

Even though I like a little very now and then; I prefer matte it's much more practical for me on daily basis. Thanks

Re: Tarte blush achiote...thoughts?

I have it and it is a definitely pink color. As far as how it will look on your skin tone I have no idea, but I love it on me summer tanned skin

Re: Tarte blush achiote...thoughts?

I guess it must be warm pink if it looks best on tan skin. This is good news for me.

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