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Super Watery Eyes/Need to Change Current Make-Up

Recently I had Punctal Plugs inserted into my eyes & now I have excess tearing that I've never had in the past. All my make-up is powder/mineral based; eye shadow, foundation, blush. I've always used waterproof mascara & liner, so I'm OK there. I just purchased Kat Von D Lock-it foundation.I don't like other products from KVD (colors). I probably need to go to waterproof cream eye shadow right? What about a cream blush? Please suggest brands that if the tear streams down my cheek, it won't leave streaking. No more setting powder either? 

Re: Super Watery Eyes/Need to Change Current Make-Up

Hi, beauty4ashes!  I can identify!  I had punctal plugs inserted last summer.  First, call your doctor's office to let them know how badly you are tearing just to be on the safe side.  I didn't tear as badly as you, but for the first few weeks or so, I did tear a lot because my eyes didn't know what to do with all those tears!  But things slowly settled down, and now I have a "normal" amount...well...normal for me.


To answer your question, MUFE's Aqua line would be a good place to start.  This line is water resistant, and the colors are wonderful.  Everything from eye shadow to blush to lipliner.


BTW, I didn't have a problem with the tears making streaks in my makeup if that helps (nonwaterproof).  I also still use eyedrops and those run down my face worse than the tears do.  They don't make a mess either.  Just remember to dab at your tears, not rub.

Re: Super Watery Eyes/Need to Change Current Make-Up

Hi Titian06! When I had my lower punctal plugs inserted, the overflow lasted a few weeks then stopped. Now, I had the uppers inserted. It's such a relief to have the moisture in my eyes, yet doesn't work for my all powder mineral make-up! I've worn Jane Iredale for 20 years. Thanks for the MUFE Aqua suggestion. I'll go check out the line this week. I'm sure in a few weeks my eyes will settle down, & hopefully stay at least moist! Thanks again!

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