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Substitutions for Points Rewards

I just recieved my Sephora order in the mail, and I have to say I'm rather disappointed. I had decided to cash in some points on the Pantone eyeliner set. Normally, I'm all about hoarding them until there's an awesome reward and this fit the bill. In fact, that set was the main reason I placed my order to begin with. Much to my dismay, when I opened my box, there was a Bobbi Brown mascara where my eyeliners should have been. Now, I understand that you run out of stock, and for samples I have no problem with substitutions. However, I feel that my points are something that I have earned (by spending $100, which is no small fee). Thus, I really find value in being able to CHOOSE what I will be cashing them in on. Honestly, one of the main reasons that I chose to shop at Sephora over other beauty retailers is that I thought the rewards program was great and really gives the customer a chance to use the rewards that she's earned. Unfortunately, my eyes are really dry and sensitive these days so I will not be able to use this mascara. I wish Sephora would have just credited me back my points and kept the delux sample. I would have been much happier to have kept on saving those points, and I certainly would not have chosen this item. It seems unfair that I had to waste points that I earned on a product I have no interest in. I hope that you will consider revamping this small aspect of the rewards program as I think it would make a good program even better. Thank you.

Re: Substitutions for Points Rewards

Hi Shoegal1016,


I'm so sorry to hear that your 100 point perk was substitued. We usually do not substitute point perks and sincerely apologize for the error. I'll send you a message right now to help! Thank you.

<3 Melissa

Re: Substitutions for Points Rewards

If they don't normally get substituted but its out of stock what happens? I just placed an order and then saw that one of the 100 point ones was permanently out of stock so i'm wondering what's going to happen. Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Substitutions for Points Rewards

Hi Jenji!


If you were able to successfully add the 100 point perk to your basket when placing an order, your order will more than likely include the perk. The perk is probably now just out of stock for other people who may want to include it with their order. Placing your order and including the perk with your order reserved the perk for you and your order. If for some reason your order does not include the perk, please let me know and I can add your points back to your account for you. Smiley Happy

<3, Randee
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