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Still not Vib Rouge?!

I have called customer service twice about this problem...I should had been Vib Rouge a week ago, and my account is STILL saying im VIB Smiley Sad


I went to a Sephora store and they gave me my new card and told me that I would be Rouge online...but im not.


I want to make a purchase from the sale section tonight but I cant because im being charged shipping and tax.


Please someone help me..I keep being told that my account will be updated "shortly". Ive been waiting all week.


I want to buy my items before they go out of stock


Thank you

Re: Still not Vib Rouge?!

Hi ladies,


So sorry about the frustrating matter that you're dealing with! I'll send you private messages now to discuss this matter in more detail.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Still not Vib Rouge?!

I'm having this same problem, I've contacted customer service twice and so far basically, "sorry there's nothing we can do."  Not even politely via phone, either.  I did get the kit in the mail, but no luck online and no hope of any help from CS after several tries Smiley Sad.  Eventually I just ordered from a different online retailer out of sheer frustration.

Re: Still not Vib Rouge?!

FINALLY my account has been updated...thank god my products are still in stock!!!!

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