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Sooooooo Painfully Close......

I can't believe it. I'm at 1921 Hearts!!


Sooooo close to 2000 I can feel it and taste it!!!


(btw - I just posted this somewhere else, not sure where though, hope I get this in the right place)


Re: Sooooooo Painfully Close......

It did happen!!, You are a very wise woman. Thanks PoesRevy. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Sooooooo Painfully Close......

Congrats! thats a big accomplishment!

Re: Sooooooo Painfully Close......

Thanks taylorkiryluik, I really appreciate it. You're off to a good start, can't wait till you get to 2k, don't forget to invite me. Smiley Tongue



Re: Sooooooo Painfully Close......

I'll give you a heart to boost you!  ^_^

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