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SiJCP return policy?

Hi all,

I had an interesting experience today at my local Sephora inside JC Penneys, and wanted to see what others thought.

I make almost all of my purchases online, and up until today, if I ever needed to make a return, I drove the hour to my nearest Sephora store. I never had any problems returning items with the packing form there, even when I made returns months after purchasing (I tend to place multiple orders a month so often I wait to make the drive until I have multiple items to return just to save the gas) or opened (yay for discovering allergies).

I recently discovered that there's a SiJCP about 10 minutes from me, so I decided to make my return there today. I returned my item with the packing slip, as I normally do, but the woman asked for my ID, and rang it up as a return without receipt without even looking at the packing form except to type in my BI number. I was just wondering if this is standard practice at the SiJCP when dealing with online orders? Because she didn't scan the receipt, the item I returned didn't get rung up as bought on sale, and so I got back more than I paid, which I'm fairly uncomfortable with. Not to mention I feel like I'm being tracked for making a legitimate return. Definitely makes me not want to go there again, even if it saves me the time in traffic...

@Karkaren - As our SiJCP hold their own stock, the Cast M...

@Karkaren - As our SiJCP hold their own stock, the Cast Member assisting you may not have needed the packing slip to locate the information.  For all returns, Cast Members do request ID, as it is necessary to process the return.  I do apologize that it made you feel uncomfortable!  If you like, I would be happy to reach out to the store you visited to provide your feedback.  Please send me a private message with your contact info if you would like me to reach out to the store for you.  


xo, Mia

Re: SiJCP return policy?

Hi Unblownkisses, I'll send you a message to help you further. Thanks! -Laura

Re: SiJCP return policy?

Hi, could I get an answer about this too? The same thing happened to me recently and I feel weird giving my driver license (since it contains personal information) to return something where I have the receipt/packing slip for seems really weird and makes me uncomfortable too.
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