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Sephoria, swag bags???



Has anyone received their sephoria virtual swag bag???? I have not. 

Re: Sephoria, swag bags???

I just received my sad ass shipment.  Today. 

Re: Sephoria, swag bags???

Has anyone received there virtual swag bag yet?

Re: Sephoria, swag bags???

Hi @UnknownGardener The Virtual Swag Bags will start shipping this month and will arrive within 4-6 weeks! I appreciate your patience! 

Re: Sephoria, swag bags???

This feels completely unacceptable. It was advertised as shipping in September, fully implying that it would arrive in time for the event. This is what happened last year and any reasonable person would assume that it would be the same this year. If I don't receive mine by the end of the month, I want my order cancelled for a full refund.

Re: Sephoria, swag bags???

Thatโ€™s truly sad. I ordered it in anticipation of having it for the event. Now, itโ€™s probably into November?

Re: Sephoria, swag bags???

I thought we would have it for the event as well. Super frustrating. It feels like a lot of details were left out and it is starting to seem intentional because we have yet to hear anything from Sephora on the matter except for the same vague responses they are giving to everyone. 

Re: Sephoria, swag bags???

For clarity, are you saying that we will not receive the swag bags before the actual Sephoria 2023 event? If so, this is a real bummer. ๐Ÿ˜ณ 

Re: Sephoria, swag bags???

Wow, I thought for sure we would have them before the event. I thought that was kind of the point? 

Re: Sephoria, swag bags???

@Litesugar Yes, it may be received after the event. 

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