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Sephora , you have some explainin' to do

dear sephora ,

I would just like to say I was sorely disappointed with how this sale was handled when it came to myself and I now realized quite a few others.

As far as I can see I followed the rules that were laid out on your site and I bought my items or at least attempted to within the proper time frame. I should not be punished by having multiple charges on my account and an empty gift card because your site could not handle the traffic it received nor the fact that there wasn't any insight given to assign customer service reps to be around to relieve these issues as they happened at the midnight opening of your sale.

I now have two charges that are locked in with my hard earned money that I cannot access , and even if i chose to reissue my order as it is in my basket I am now told that certain things are now out of stock ; yet I couldn't get a confirmation that I could purchase that same item when back in stock at the price it is now during sale since it is yet again a computer glitch and not one on my side.

I’m not exactly sure why the site wasn't locked down once it was made clear that there were quite a few issues or why the site took it upon itself to charge me more than once. But having to wait until after the sale is over for those monies to become available along with my gift card that was sucked into this whole debacle isn't comforting to me as a client. Quite honestly at this point unless this is the lowest priced or only place that distributes certain items I’m not sure I will be back. Before this the community seemed very open and inviting but that consists of mostly other clients like me , it is very disconcerting the issues I'm having and not so much that since things do happen but the way it was handled, with no recompense on the companies side is quite a bit of a let down.

Another thing I would hope would be changed and soon is the bug that's changing prices and giving the wrong information regarding vib and vib rouge status’ , yesterday i was assured i only needed to purchase a certain amount to attain that level and that has been surpassed yet now it has jumped to another level and will not let me log in as vib. Which to me would be odd since if I have to spend a certain amount to be at vib rouge i must already be vib.

Either way at the end of this longwinded explanation , I just wanted to express my feelings and feel better for doing so. I hope that these problems are handled in a better manner and things are definitely changed for next year.

Re: Sephora , you have some explainin' to do

Thanks for sharing with us tigrelili! due to unforeseen volume (this is the biggest jump in ANY VIB sale we've had) the site just couldn't take it. Smiley Sad If you haven't already done so please call us and we can remove the pending authorizations. 


I'm forwarding your feedback to our site team and IT team and they are already in the works to prepare and fix this for any upcoming offers. 


Please let me know if I can assist you any other way- I'll send you a PM as well. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Sephora , you have some explainin' to do



 I went into Sephora store to inquire about blitz bags and ended up talking to customer service rep who told me that all they could do was submit ANOTHER request to drop the authorization which they said could take an additional 48 hours and probably wont start until monday due to it being the weekend. SO that means I will have had these authorizations pending since the 7th , though i was told it could be dropped in 24-48 hours  and will have also missed the sale I was counting on to purchase quite a few items for family and friends.

Re: Sephora , you have some explainin' to do

I experienced the same thing. Very disappointed. Smiley Sad

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