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Sephora website got rid of my online order & will NOT pick up my calls....

I made an order 3 days ago and it still isn't shipped and now my shipping info is not even on the site! Do I have to re order? I called 1877sephora like 198375984 times and no one is picking up!!

Hi tOughcoOkie28 - I'm sorry you're having trouble. My ex...

Hi tOughcoOkie28 - I'm sorry you're having trouble. My experiences have all been great, I'm surprised you're having these issues, very unlike Sephora. The only thing I can think is that since they are in the process of transitioning to the Beta site that might be causing you a problem, did you check both sites for order info? I do know the customer service dept at the 877# has been swamped, I waited for 1 hr & 20 min the other night. They have been going crazy because of the CHIC week promo. Are you certain you called within their regular calling/customer service hours? They're on PST, so depending where you are they could be a few hours behind you. I would say don't re-order at this point, you don't want a duplicate.


One of the Mods will probably see this post and get in touch with you and give you some more solid info.There was only 1 time that my order was delayed, very unusual for Sephora. I really think it has a lot to do with CHICweek. I'm really sorry you had this experience. Most unusual for Sephora. Hang in there. Hopefully a MOD will contact you. You could try sending an email or continue trying the 877#. I hope this all works out for you. I know Sephora prides themselves on good customer service. So, hopefully, good things come to those who wait. Best of luck, hope you'll come back and let us know how everything goes.

By the way, love that you called 155422785926412 million times, think that means you still have your sense of humor. Smiley Happy


So sorry for the confusion here, t0ughco0kie28!   Orders...

So sorry for the confusion here, t0ughco0kie28!


Orders placed on the original website that had not shipped by 4/7 still need to be migrated to the new site, and should appear again in your order history by around Wednesday of this week. If you placed the order 3 days ago on the 6th, it should ship by tomorrow.


To check on it in the meantime, you can call us, but unfortunately we are having some issues with the phone lines today! Not a good time for this to happen! Smiley Sad Hope to have it fixed very soon here and will keep you posted...


Thank you so much for your patience, and again, apologies for any inconvenience!

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