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Sephora inside JCPENNY

Where I live the closet Sephora in inside a JCPENNY an its about 30 mins away an a Sephora store is about an Hour an half away. Now after reading some the other topics everytime I go in there they never ask for my beauty insider card an to be honest I didnt think they even did the whole "points" thing. I normally shop online because i love getting the free samples an I no im getting my points. With that being said I dont have my receipts for my past purchases which I no if they were added I would be a VIB by now. Can something be done so I can get my points?


Also since I am such a big shopper online an I no that the "sephoras inside JCPenny" stores dont carry everything..when I do go in the store an ask about a product they seem to either have no clue what Im talking about or they have never heard of it or they just plainly said we dont carry that product. For example I was returning something I brought online to an I had to exchange it for something in store or get store credit inside a jcp or another sephora inside a jcp only. Which I dont like that because like I said they dont carry everything, an I was asking the lady about concealers an I wanted her imput on laura mercier Sercert Concealer an Secret Camouflage. The Lady pretty much didnt no what I was talking about an just told we dont carry that here. I was kinda shocked because for one you work for Sephora. A LARGE beauty brand store an well I hate be so blunt about it but I wasnt asking if you carried it but I was asking what are your thoughts of it. Also Im not a makeup expert, I just no what I read an have used myself, so when I go to the store I would expect them to know more about the brand an what it does an how it works if its good for my skin an know more about the product then myself. Also be honest an not just sale me something so you can earn money.because I dont wanna pay $40 an it not work. Which I do understand that it can work for one person an not other. This lady seemed to not have a clue. She was just showing me what they had in store telling about how this is there top seller..nothing about how this is good for oily skin or this is good for blemishes..etc. You get my point. 


Are these ladies "schooled" about the brands? Do they get any somewhat lessons on the brands? If you ask me they should get rid of the "Sephora Inside JCPENNY". They dont carry much an they seem to not know to much about makeup in general. I dont no a lot about makeup myself except what ive read an used plus i dont know whats good for my skin an which products I should try an not try. I need someone to actually point out products instore of not that I should try. I guess im just going to half to make the drive for what  i want. They need to build more stores honestly. One with the experts please. I love sephora an I will contine to shop here but I will not be going back to the ones in JCP.

Hi Littlemiss89.  I'm sorry to hear about your experience...

Hi Littlemiss89.  I'm sorry to hear about your experience in our JCPenney Sephora store and I will be happy to forward your feedback.  Our Cast Members are trained on the products that their store carries.  If they don't carry the product, they may not have enough information to make a recommendation.  If you have questions about products that are not available in that store, you are welcome to call us at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672) & select option 2 to reach a Beauty Advisor who can give you more information to determine which product will be best for you.  I will send you a private message for more information on your purchases.

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