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Sephora employees rude every time you return?

I honestly never post on here, or go the extra yard to complain about customer service but I have had it with Sephora employees acting like they own the store! I am a VIB Rouge member, so It is shown that I shop at Sephora frequently. Every time I go to Sephora to return something ((Which isn't often maybe once every few months)) they made me feel like a criminal, as If I stole the product or something, even though I have my receipt and I always return products I did not end up liking in It's original package, barely used, and within a week. I honestly get scared to return something because I know the kind of attitude I always get.


Today particularity I went to simply exchange a foundation I had bought three days ago, which was too dark for my complexion. I even had the foundation which I bought swatched on my skin tone by the Sephora employees which picked this color out for me. The lady at the counter was eager to help me, but as soon as I mentioned the word "Return"  her attitude took a U-turn and rolled her eyes at me. I wanted to tell her why I was returning my items, but she didn't ask me a thing, nor did she offer me any help in finding items that would be right for me. She told me "you do know all these items returned go to waste right?" in such a snobby way. I simply told her I only used one application, and Iater on today I found out returned products become testers. So she obviously made a reason to make me feel bad. When the painful transaction was finally over she simply stared at me. When I looked back she said "What do you want now?". No "thank you" or "have a good day". I wish now I asked for her name but I was so eager to get out of there. They make me feel as If I'm a criminal or stole the product. I only buy things online now && even pay extra for shipping despite their being a Sephora 5 miles  from my house to avoid their TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. 

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

Hi zenyaxarabpride, I'm so sorry to hear about your recent visit to the store! I am sending a private message to help. 




Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

Same thing happened to me today. Maybe they lose personal sales with each return, which sounds more like bad company policy producing negative employee behavior. After returning an item today the sales representative simply left my receipt on the counter and looked at her register. I wasn't even sure if the transaction was over. Makes you feel like a cheap hooker.

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

Something similar happened to me as well.. Not with the return, but I asked for a product which I could not find in shelf. The reason I asked the lady was, because it was showing available and instock online.


So when I asked the lady the same thing, she said these items cannot walk away from the store. I said its weird..


Then she responded much more --- she said people are stealing stuff, that is the reason, the online stock information and actual store quantities are different...I really didn't know what to talk.


What are they doing when people are stealing stuff..and why can't they update online information properly.



Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return? sorry you had to deal with that. Unfortunately my experience with the ladies at Sephora have been rude as well. I finally had to complain and I spoke with the store director. It sucks because right after I spoke with her another rude situation happened. I was buying a gift and ask the girl if I could have a holiday bag since she was giving me the regular black bag. She laughed and said she had no idea what I was talking about (seriously? I just saw an associate walk off with the holiday shopping bag!!!) I tried explaining to her that I had received the bag in another store and If they had it as well. She's like, "um no we don't have those in yet and besides it's not the time to hand those out." Um...alright....I hate being looked at like I'm stupid! Ugh!

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

They are quite rude over there!! One time I ended up waiting around 10 minutes for someone to come help me. And usually when I go they're  not quite friendly at all. Some of them just make me feel so unwelcome at the store. And yesterday I experienced that when getting a couple of samples, which by the way she barely even gave me enough for a decent test (foundation), and overall her attitude was quite rude. I don't appreciate this kind of service especially since I go there a lot. There are however, employees on the opposite side of the spectrum, but it doesn't excuse some of the attitudes I've come across. 

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

I do the same thing! I thought I was the only one who did that with the shipping but I have

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

yes!!!! im super sad, what is going on!!!.... its a huge burden to even ask for a sample now days....

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

I completely 100% agree! Every time I return something, I always get a mean face or the cashier is being rude to me all of a sudden out of nowhere once I say return! I just returned two items today that I only used a few times and they were just not for me ( the color) they were matte lipsticks liquid kat Von d. They were sitting in my room and I had the receipt from a month ago so I thought I would get no attitude like before but of course , I do. I wish I honestly knew her name this time. She was the worst of all. She was so miserable and acted like i was a criminal too! I just wanted to get out. It just made me feel so awkward OMG ... This is honestly why I barely shop at the Sephora store and the Sephora store in jcpenny anymore and I just go to Mac because everyone in Mac is upbeat and friendly and doesn't care if I return something like its the end of the world and act like they own the place.  The Sephora cashier looked like she was going to kill me when I was returning the matte liquid lipsticks and I said it was a little too drying and she sighed really hard and rolled her eyes and said well ugh it's matte and I laughed and was like ugh yeah obviously lol ....when me and my boyfriend left my boyfriend was even like wow she was so rude and saying a lot of the Sephora cashiers are rude.  People bash Mac a lot but Mac has the best customer service . Sephora step your gave up . I'm a VIB  and if you want your sales to grow you need friendlier/upbeat/real employees not fake ones. 

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?


I always get rude customer service at the store and over the phone. 

I bought something online that I returned 1 month ago and called about it 4 times. Every time they tell me they will return it to my credit card and up to now they didn't. I decided I'm done with them. Will never spend a penny of my money on them. 

Will go to Macy's, Nordstrom and other places where they value me. 

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

I agree Sephora has the worst costumer service, so rude 

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

Wow, this is interesting.  There's a Sephora near me, and I shop there once or twice a month.  It's such a mixed bag when it comes to sales people. Some are extremely nice and helpful.  One woman spent 10-15 minutes matching up a discontinued lip gloss for me and was very gracious and enthusiastic.  Another time I asked TWO women who were simply packaging those samples they give out at checkout.  It took a few minutes to get their attention and when I simply asked where a product was located in the store, I got an eye-rolling, "why are you bothering me" attitude.  Give me a break!  How naive are these women?  How do they think they get paid?!  Sephora needs to spend WAY more time screening applicants.


Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

It seems like Sephora's service is on fire here! :-D

Every single time I shop at their shop no matter what branch is, staffs are so uncourteous. As I went there yesterday to purchased an eyeliner, a staff with an unauthentic smile came to help me but the way she stands next to me and talks to me I can totally feel that she was somehow had disgusting look on her face toward me! Maybe the way i dress had offended her, or worst, it was my race!!!  Sephora please train your employees to act appropriately when it comes to CUSTOMER service!! 

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

I experienced the wrath of a Sephora employee this past weekend.  I returned a foundation I bought online and she proceeded to tell me how stupid it was to buy it online where I could not test it.  Well, their little gadget they use to color match people didn't work so she just picked one for me.  Then she had to make a call for my online return.  After a few minutes, she threw it back in my bag and told me to return it from home and she was so annoyed by the whole transaction.  But what I want to say here is SEPHORA AS A CORPORATION DOES NOT CARE HOW THEIR EMPLOYEES TREAT CUSTOMERS.  They just don't.  We can complain about it all we want.  They are just laughing at us.  I guarantee it.

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

ABSOLUTELY.  The nasty treatment received when you make a return is terrible!  I make on average 3-4 returns per year, and even I've experienced this.


It's gotten so bad that I no longer make purchases in store.  I still do my browsing in store, since I live 10 minutes away from my local Sephora.  When I decide I like a product and want to purchase it, I will purchase it ONLINE.  That way if I need to make a return, I can do so BY MAIL.


I'm extremely low maintenance when it comes to customer service.  I don't feel salespeople need to be "extra courteous" in any way...we're all just normal people.  But when it's the case that I feel Sephora employees treat me worse than any random stranger, that's when it becomes a problem.


I repeat: I live 10 minutes away from a Sephora, but I purchase ONLINE because then I don't have to put up with the nasty attitude I get WITHOUT EXCEPTION every single time I make a return.


It's disgraceful.  Step up your customer service training, Sephora.  Or perhaps consider changing the way that employees are incentivized to treat customers.  As I understand it, the store/employees take some sort of sales hit for every return?  Is this really a good idea if you want to optimize the customer experience?  :/

Re: Sephora employees rude every time you return?

I stopped shopping at my local Sephora @ 2yrs.ago. Now I do all my shopping on line. I had a return and exchange so I decided to stop by Sephora. As I made my way back to the counter I started to feel uncomfortable. Not one person said "Hi, How are you" or "Can I help you" they kept talking amongst themselves. I was greeted by a guy at the front desk and let him know I had a return and an exchange. There was "that look" on his face and he kept saying " No Worries". I had the receipts for all but 1 product. He DID go through my account and couldn't find it - got a manager - who was VERY professional and pleasant. She could not find the item either, but she tried EVERYTHING she could think of to get me credit for that purchase. It was never found and I was given 15% off and no credit for a set of eyeliners that did not work (old and dryed out). The guy made unnecessary comments loud enough to hear but not to make out. 2 years ago I loved going to Sephora - Now I dred it. I'll still go - maybe to bring ALL my returns to. What Happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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