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SEPHORA made a mistake

sephora made a mistake. 

Re: SEPHORA made a mistake

I understand how frustrating it can be for you to come home and realize you were possibly charged more than you should be. That said, although you certainly could ATTEMPT asking for $20 back... you're also certainly not going to get it. Additionally, calling the SA stupid and being condescending is also not likely to get you very far. Go back into the store, be polite, and get them to give you your $10 back. 


That said, @kscott14 brought up some good points. It's not really possible for the SA to just randomly add $10 onto your order. It's not a math problem, it's either a system problem or human error-- likely some issue with scanning (e.g. did she scan one item more than once?), with your discount not being applied, or with you purchasing items (e.g. Colourpop) that actually do not qualify for the discount. I would advise you to go back and look at your receipt to see if one of these incidents occurred. 

RE: SEPHORA made a mistake

Your behavior is extremely disappointing. There is no need for you to be rude. Mistakes happen. On top of that, the computer adds up and calculates the transaction. If you’re so good at math, how did you not notice this $10 additional charge at the check out? Either the pricing was wrong in the computer system or store display, a discount wasn’t applied, you are wrong, or an item was added to the transaction. When you’re nicer to people, they will be more willing to go out of their way and help you. @lucylol24

Re: RE: SEPHORA made a mistake

I guess I was a little wrapped up in the moment. :s @kscott14

Re: RE: SEPHORA made a mistake

ur right thx

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