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Rudest employee I’ve even encountered

Today while shopping at 255 East Basse Rd, San Antonio, Tx I encountered the rudest employee not less than 20 minutes ago. I am completely sympathetic that it is Black Friday ( especially having worked retail on this day in past years) and completely understand how customers can be. The store was busy, and I understand that. However when I was ready to check out with my fragrances, I went and stood at the front where an employee was checking out another customer. As I was standing there another employee brought up another customer and began checking them out. All fine- no big deal, I understand that employees names go in to the system for customers that they helped. I was told I would helped in a moment. Again, not an issue. As I was waiting another employee came up with another customer, demanded from the other two women she needed one of the hand held devices to check out her other customers. Once they both indicated they were (obviously) being used she turned to me, looked me up and down, and asked if I’d been helped and by whom. When I said no, and by no one she told me that where I was standing I “had to be invited up there only by an associate and only then would your money be taken. You go to the back of the line at the front, now.” I said that I’d been told by the associate up front that once I was up there she said I could be there, and this employee simply told me to “go to the back of the line.” I simply placed my perfumes back and walked out of the store explaining I could just buy online and I didn’t need to deal with that. I shop that location wherever I’m home from school and have never been treated like that ever- in face I usually enjoy that location over one of the malls in town. I am just frustrated because I know the store was busy and that she was swamped, but the whole store was. So I walked out without what I went in for, AND irked because I had been treated so rudely. 

Re: Rudest employee I’ve even encountered

Hi @JillPhillips,


I'm so sorry for this experience! We appreciate you sharing this with us, as it's our goal to provide helpful and kind service for our clients. I'll send you a message shortly to assist further.


Best regards,


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