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Rouge Hotline?????

Hi, does anyone know what the mysterious Rouge hotline phone number is? It appears I just became Rouge a few days ago, and I keep getting congratulations emails from Sephora and they make a big deal about all the perks, one of which is the Rouge hotline number and having access to it. Well, anyone know where to find the phone number? I’m starting to wonder if it actually exists? Thank you:-)

Re: Rouge Hotline?????

Back in the day, not all that long ago, there actually was a real hotline for big spenders. It was true perk, and completely worth it. Unfortunately, Sephora ain’t even remotely what it used to be in regard to customer service. That being said, it was before YouTube and Instagram started producing and encouraging cosmetic and skin care hoarders. The customer base is much younger than it used to be for high end makeup as well, therefore most have never experienced truly decent customer service.  They have no frame of reference and have come to expect far less respect. Also, prices have skyrocketed in the last 5-7 years, so it’s much easier to hit the $1000 level. 

Re: Rouge Hotline?????

Sooooo the "private" Rouge hotline is a total joke!  I actually did a comparison and waited on hold for the Rouge number vs the regular Sephora number and they were both the same.  Not only that, no one even verified that I was Rouge.  I asked the rep, "Do you guys verify whether the person calling this 'private hotline' is actually a Rouge member?"  He said, no they do not verify.  In fact, he even said "if you were a regular VIB or just a Beauty Insider, I would still assist you."  So then what's the point of having a number that isn't exclusive to just Rouge members? Makes no sense. They should just remove it from the list as a "perk".

Re: Rouge Hotline?????


Re: Rouge Hotline?????

It's 1.855.55.rouge :-) 

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