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Rouge Hopes?

i know that sometimes mod's forward what we post on here to people who handle the benefits we get, so i was thinking, maybe if they saw them all on one place maybe it'd be easier for them to take our suggestions, basically, what are your hopes for rouge, and what would you want to see the program doing for us? 



personally, i think a makeup bag would have been cute instead of the lipstick. 

maybe a gift card on our birthday? (think like $20.00) 

i think specialized promo codes for us kinda like they did with VIB. 

coupons to redeem full sized items sometimes maybe once every 2 or 3 months.

the option to redeem points for store credit?  


i am actually very happy with the unlimited makeup services, that's great.


i also think its great that sephora doesent have to give us anything, and they still do, that makes me happy.  

Re: Rouge Hopes?

I think Rouges should have the option of 1) multiple codes used per order or 2) eliminate the $25-$35 purchase needed to redeem a code.

Re: Rouge Hopes?

Both would be super awesome!

Re: Rouge Hopes?

I wish that the welcome kit would have been a better welcome! Telling me I spent a thousand dollars and giving me a little lipstick is honestly just a promo code that I probably wouldn't have used. Also I think everyone can agree that we should be able to use two promo codes. I like the idea of getting an extra little gift for our birthday in the form of a gift card Smiley Happy And seriously I never get thanked for being a VIB can I get some recognition for being Rouge at least?? Like maybe samples without having to always ask for them in-store.

Re: Rouge Hopes?

well when i went yesterday the girl was like oh congratulations! and gave me like pre made samples of perfumes and things like that but they were in like little baggys, not the kind we're allowed to pick with checkout.


and yes me too, maybe like a red makeup bag or even a $10  off next purhcase or something, even a full sized lipstick would have been nice.

Re: Rouge Hopes?

I haven't been in store with my Rouge status yet but I was there like two days ago and I felt like it was such a hassle for me to get a sample. And at the checkout when I asked I was told that they don't have like the foil samples anymore bummer Smiley Sad

Re: Rouge Hopes?

i asked them that too and they said the same thing, it upsets me especially because they have like the makeup forever sample and the honey sample the little spray and the Bare minerals sample online and i wish they had those in store Smiley Sad 


but usually they make samples of anything liquid for you like primer foundation things like that

Re: Rouge Hopes?

Yea Smiley Sad and sometimes I don't want a specific sample, I just want to try out something new that I might not have heard about before! 

Re: Rouge Hopes?

I have higher hopes than the rest of you.  I was thinking a promo code for every 25.00 would be awesome!  Now that I get free shipping on every order I will be making way more smaller orders.  Since I buy almost exclusively online that would save Sephora a pretty penny in shipping.  I've placed 49 orders this year already.  I really think I deserve quite a few samples at a time.  Also a lot of those orders were placed in groups of 4 or 5 at a time just to maximize the samples.  I buy plenty of the stuff I receive deluxe samples of.  I have, however, never bought anything based on the foil samples available at checkout.  I need to know that I truly like it before spending the cash.  *Fingers crossed*

Re: Rouge Hopes?

they should come up with something like Ulta's point system where you redeem your points for a discount. 100 points is 3 dollars off, 250 is 8 off. That would be nice if they did. Smiley Happy

Re: Rouge Hopes?

i agree with that the point system, also i checked my mail and for no reason at all ulta sent me a 20% off coupon for my ENTIRE order, no limits. i mean i probably spend about 20 bucks a year there, and after spending $1000.00 with sephora i think they should at least have done 20% in our welcome kit or something

Re: Rouge Hopes?

Thanks for starting this thread!  We definitely appreciate the feedback and I will forward it on. Smiley Happy

Re: Rouge Hopes?

I second everything mentioned on here. ..I do think our bday gifts should be bigger and better than BI and VIBs not because we think we're better but we simply contribute about 650.00 more to be a VIB ROUGE

Also we should be able to get samples at stores to match what we would recieve if we chose to ship instead. ...

Last but not least either remove the silly question on the In -Store Sephora survey reciept where it says " Did staff make you feel like a VIB?" or make there a way for them to know we are VIB/ROUGE prior to hitting the checkout line. It would be nice to ask for more than one tiny sample without feeling that Im bothering someone. ..After allI do spend over 1000.00 to reach this status. ...but then again how the heck would they know that prior to checking out. 

Re: Rouge Hopes?

Honestly, one of the best things I can think of would be being able to use TWO CODES in one order. Although I still think that should be a VIB thing. (Of course, I'm not Rouge... yet... so of course it should be VIB. lol) I mean, really, why is that so impossible?? Can you imagine the collective "Yay!" if they were to do that?


I really like your idea for a birthday gift card - like they do for the winter holidays! 


The unlimited makeup services doesn't appeal much to me since I live over an hour away from my closest Sephora. Smiley Sad

Re: Rouge Hopes?

Good idea! I hope Rouge is worth it for online shoppers to say the least. I know many of us don't live next to a Sephora store and only order online *cough raises hand*. I can't take advantage of the in-store perks like events and access to the beauty studio, so hopefully there will be better online perks to look forward to! 


Here's my wishlist for Rouge:

  • I agree on the certificate for your birthday, we should be honored with a gift we personally get to pick out. Everyone is different!
  • Choice of 3 samples OR 1 deluxe sample with every order, no promo code needed. 
  • Maybe have a flash deal event exclusive for Rouge where every month there is a certain percentage off entire order?
  • Maybe if you have a Skin IQ number, you can put that number in and get a sample packet with different products designed for you and your skin type?

Re: Rouge Hopes?

when i went to go update my personal info it asked me if i had my color IQ number with me to put in the system. so yes it would be fun if they tailored to our skin shade and skin needs that way we would try different foundations and skin products from different brands Smiley Happy 

Re: Rouge Hopes?

Oh i like that idea with the samples alot! 

or maybe you can pick out certain things you like, like personally i hate skincare samples, i wouldnt want those, so at least the samples that are there are ones you want Smiley Happy

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