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Reviews - Categories for skin type, skin tone, etc...

Where did the categories under the reviewer's name go?  I'm hoping this is just a site transition glitch.  It's so helpful to know whether a person raving (or ranting) about a product has similar skin type, hair type, etc.. to mine.  

Re: Reviews - Categories for skin type, skin tone, etc...

Hi @kalex


I'm not sure if you are referring to a specific product but I took a look at a random product ( and could see the descriptors that you mentioned. The person completing the review has to fill out these fields so it may be that some folks simply do not want to provide this information to others. 


All my best, 



Re: Reviews - Categories for skin type, skin tone, etc...

Thanks for your response!  I had to look into this a little more because where I first noticed it was when checking to see if my review for Smashbox Primer Oil had posted.  I know have all my info on my profile so I knew that didn't pertain to me but I see what you mean in regards to many others' profiles.  (


It seems to depend on the product whether or not categories show up regardless of what's listed in the profile.   I noticed now that the Primer Oil (and Deva Curl No Comb Detangling Spray and Supergoop Lip Screen to name two) don't even show BI status when I'm scrolling through my reviews.

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