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Return by Mail - Did not fill out back of form



I returned an eyeshadow palette by mail because it was damaged when it came to me (a corner of one shadow broke off). I included the slip with original packaging.  However, I realize that I might not have filled out the back of the form where it asks for my name, phone number and email address (I saw the check box which says "I am returning a gift" and just ignore the whole side of the form).  I did fill out the other side with the reasons code (I put '1" for damaged in shipment) and qty.  I realize that the return form has barcodes and the order number on it - so even if I didn't fill out the other side with my info, will my account be refunded?  Getting a little worried - hope someone can help answer my question Smiley Sad.  Thank you!


Re: Return by Mail - Did not fill out back of form

Hi einai,


As long as your original packing slip was included in the return box, our distribution center will be able to distinguish that it is your return Smiley Happy  It can take roughly 2-3 weeks for the return to process completely (shipping back to us, processing & the time it takes your bank to process), if you dont receive the refund within that time frame, you can definitely give us a call  Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Return by Mail - Did not fill out back of form

Thank you, Mia. I feel better now Smiley Happy.

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