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Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Good Morning!


In an effort to keep our boards a positive environment and continue to remain the fun loving product-obsessed community we are, I want to send a reminder to please, play nice with one another!


Everyone was new to Beauty Talk at one point or another and we ask that you please do not take it upon yourselves to "educate" or "moderate" our new friends with guidelines outside of what we already have posted. (regarding posts, board rules, etc.)  This is what us mods are here for! Smiley Wink 


We're happy to participate, chat about product and help out when needed, but keep in mind that every post that comes through IS indeed seen by us and we will take the appropriate action. You can absolutely message us or flag anything as "abusive" if you feel it truly necessary.


Please refrain from any insulting, negative or bullying comments (this includes PM's) to other users, moderators or admins, whether they are new or seasoned. This is NOT tolerated and should it continue we will have to reconsider allowing any of the TSB threads to be posted or even individual participation/memberships in Beauty Talk. We would truly hate to do this so please- embrace your fellow BT'ers and share your passion for product with each other! Smiley Happy Please keep in mind this is not a new rule, nor is it being changed for anyone new to the boards- but is the same reminder we post every few months.


Beauty Talk Guidelines> Terms of Use>

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Agreed.  I don't have so much pride that I would rather put my health in danger than be corrected.  By all means, correct me!  lol

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Also while I also agree, we should not moderate ourselves or police each other, I feel there have been times when mods were needed but they never stepped in. I know you guys have a tough job, and we are grateful for all you do, but I am sensing a feeling of frustration among many members here on BT.

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Really, I appreciate the mods, and I always have.  I know you guys have a tough job and cannot be online to police the forums 24/7. 


But I have to wonder... this just seems too little, too late and also geared at the wrong crowd.


I'm sure you guys have noticed the mass exodus by many of the old timers.  There's a reason for that.  BT isn't fun anymore, and a lot of it had to do with what many of us felt were unwarranted complaints and attacks by brand-new, unestablished members.  It had a lot to do with moving all off-topic threads off the main page.  It had a lot (a lot!) to do with a handful of brand new people deciding that basically everyone who was a Hall of Famer was just a "mean girl".  The tides turned, we felt unwelcome and unhappy, and we left.


I know that this isn't the Mod's personal policy, but likely something that you were instructed to tell the forums.  So, if there IS someone listening with the power to make a difference, I'd like to say:


You have successfully driven away some of your most knowledgeable, highest spending customers from these boards with the actions taken in the past month or so. This is not irreversible, however.  I think many of us would return  if we were given incentive.


I'm sorry to see what BT has become. I used to really enjoy it here. 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Nebel! this is perfect, over the course of the past months i have realized i used to go on BT multiple times a day and we had so many fun unique NON DRAMA creating forums on new products and etc, i know back when i started there was so much knowledge and i actually learned so much and the majority of you helped me so much,


personally, BT has changed, but i don't care if its from newcomers, i mean at one point we all were. 

as a newcomer i wouldnt think so search the search bar, or look through comments, most of the newcomers are obviously NEW and don't know how to navigate the site, i know i didn't at all. but regardless i think the newcomers should be provided a link to where someone else already answered it, and they'll learn over time and eventually it will fall off the board, but people bullying newcomers is NOT okay! its not like they come here to bug us, they just figured this is a place for people to ask questions, and at one point it was without prejudice.


i mean i remember someone posting something happy to them and it turned in to a whole big arguement about MY personal religion and how i "lack morals", like how! we're talking about makeup!


and obviously i would like to say something about TSB's, they have been overwhelming in the fact that there's at least 7 going on at a time, i mean you guys can't coordinate another way? maybe through and email group or phone group? , but i have also participated in a TSB a while back and it was awful, there was nothing in the box, people said they put things in when they didn't but i mean you live and learn and now i won't participate in them, but theres no need to broadcast hate all over the forum. 


either way, yes nebel thank you for posting this, i miss the majority of people (like me) who stopped coming to this site for obvious reasons. 


the majority of you women have children, and your sitting here bullying other girls and other women who have issues much like yourself, so with that being said, grow up. 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Thank you Nebel, for saying what a lot of us are feeling. It started out with me avoiding a few threads here and there, no big deal. But it seems like each morning when I get on BT with my cup of coffee and my half hour of "me" time before I leave for work, I'm finding there are less and less threads I want to read and more and more drama.


I'm not seeing the people whose names I've come to recognize and who have made BT the place it is for me. I have not always been the most active or outspoken member, but I have followed the progress BT has made, and I am really saddened at the schoolgirl drama that seems to have taken over.  The Hall of Famers that I grew to know, and more importantly, trust to give me honest, helpful, thoughtful advice, aren't around as much as they once were, and so BT has lost it solid base.


I hope that things can once again turn around. I'm not blaming the mods as I've always thought they've done a great job, but I do agree that a stronger mod presence is needed, at least for a while.


I want my old BT back!!



Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

@joeanne - You summed up my feelings very well.  I just didn't know how to say it...Thanks!

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

@Nebel thank you for the feedback! 

This is honestly not a new post/policy or topic that has been addressed on Beauty Talk and I have posted this same reminder every few months since the start of Beauty Talk for everyone- new and old. Smiley Happy I appreciate you sharing this with us! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Very much yes. 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Yes Nebel just yes!!

Thank you so much for being a sea of calm in this crazy, honestly Nebel <333


Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Completely agree, this is my first time on BT in two weeks because I just needed a break

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

100% agree with you Nebel! I miss seeing my friends on BT these days. I am still on here, but not as much because it isn't the same anymore... Smiley Sad

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Thanks for the feedback- every post comes in and we do read them but there are times when we do not see them, posts get deleted or we are just not aware as 4-5 comments can get bundled together. We are humans as well and don't use the same filters that our computer tools use. 


That being said, I encourage you all to reach out to us should you see anything that is offensive or inappropriate. 


I entirely understand your feelings and explanations and have also reached out to our community manager. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Yes! This is the first time I have logged on in weeks!


Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Absolutely. I agree! 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I agree. I miss seeing many of the others' contributions and posts...they were definitely driven away. Smiley Sad

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Exactly nebel.

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

^ What she said! 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Well said nebel. You summed up my feeling perfectly.

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