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Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Good Morning!


In an effort to keep our boards a positive environment and continue to remain the fun loving product-obsessed community we are, I want to send a reminder to please, play nice with one another!


Everyone was new to Beauty Talk at one point or another and we ask that you please do not take it upon yourselves to "educate" or "moderate" our new friends with guidelines outside of what we already have posted. (regarding posts, board rules, etc.)  This is what us mods are here for! Smiley Wink 


We're happy to participate, chat about product and help out when needed, but keep in mind that every post that comes through IS indeed seen by us and we will take the appropriate action. You can absolutely message us or flag anything as "abusive" if you feel it truly necessary.


Please refrain from any insulting, negative or bullying comments (this includes PM's) to other users, moderators or admins, whether they are new or seasoned. This is NOT tolerated and should it continue we will have to reconsider allowing any of the TSB threads to be posted or even individual participation/memberships in Beauty Talk. We would truly hate to do this so please- embrace your fellow BT'ers and share your passion for product with each other! Smiley Happy Please keep in mind this is not a new rule, nor is it being changed for anyone new to the boards- but is the same reminder we post every few months.


Beauty Talk Guidelines> Terms of Use>

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I also think you saying that if we dont play fair we cant have our TSB, is JUST like when we are telling people if THEY dont play fair they cant be IN the TSB. (Did that even make sense?) 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I guess the point I really want to make is, yes there are some rude posts and we can all work on that. But in terms of the mean girl status, and assumptions about groups of people being NEW, or old. Is all stemming from you. I might get hate, but really get rid of the hearts, the LABELS THAT YOU GIVE US *ie NEW, Savant, HOF ect* and the VIB or Rouge status. And see what kind of results you get. I am willing to bet far less drama. 


Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I don't recall Sephora or their wonderful  mods every pointing anyone's title out as being "mean girl"?  So I don't suggest they are stating any sort of title is the person being rude. Yes, they make fun little titles that come along with a person being here a certain amount of time or contributing more, but I've been in quite a few forums who have had that same sort of 'fun-ness' added to it.


From being here within the short amount of time I've been, I've seen more people contribute within two months and become Hall of Famers vs someone who's been here two years and not.


I don't think having titles has any sort of doing with the way someone comments on a post or the way they act. I also, don't feel that giving hearts and/or having more hearts has any sort of effect on the way someone acts. This is a neat little thing Sephora has chosen to add to the community that should not affect the way people view things. And if certain people think that way and believe a certain way towards a person who is HOF or has 1000+ hearts vs a person who is "Beauty Boss" or has 500+ hearts is just absurd.


A person will be rude towards another person if they choose to. Period. No titles and hearts about it.


I highly doubt the Mods that do this job are at any fault of the way the forum works and people who choose to be rude. Let's not make them the blame of whatever is going on with whatever someone else posts. They do a great job, and this isn't their only job to roam the forums and delete and/or comment on what is asked. They do a great job and I don't think it's fair to blame the faults of someone else on them.

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I agree with you Jen.  I think the titles are being taken waaaaay to seriously. Of all the things wrong in the world to get worked up about I don't think BT is one of them. Lighten up people and put all that anger to better use.

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I agree that these labels are taken way too seriously. I have only been on BT for a little over 3 months now. I have less than 500 hearts, I just barely made Rouge less than a week ago, yet I come on here with a nice and positive attitude and I tried very hard to find threads (i.e. Palette parade), that I really enjoy and that peak my interest and actually take the time to get to know the other ladies that post in that thread. I reached out. I tried to gain their trust and respect, just as I would with a person I knew in real life. You know what??? Being genuine, polite, and interested worked. I have met tons of ladies that I really think that I would be great friends with in real life. They have welcomed me with open arms. I could care less about hearts, It's all about talking about beauty and making friends. The hearts are fun, and it's nice to be recognized when you say something helpful and/or funny, but I'm more focused on finding a community of awesome girls that share same interests as me and that is what BT has given me, (so far).

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Please dont get me wrong, when I say THEY or YOU, I do NOT mean the mods. They are just doing their job.


I mean those who made this place, so the end all be all being Sephora.



I have never come across one where labels are pre made up, and change based on commenting and hearts. So that might just be me.


I disagree with you there a LOT. Almost all the posts I have seen about people being rude or mean, anyone who is passed buff seems to be lumped in with the "bad group" Why? BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE THE SAME TITLE! One person is rude and has HOF, another HOF is rude and suddenly all HOF are rude.


Just how when ONE new person does something, another one does something, all of a sudden all new people are doing the same thing.



It is all terrible interpersonal communications, but that is how I think it is going. I again disagree very much. Hears are yes fun, but 100% a status mark in my eyes. If I saw someone posting that has 10 hearts and doing something wrong, chances are myself or someone else would be more inclined to tell them something. Just the same as if they were new. However if I saw someone with 5000 hearts, and HOF you think I am going to tell them they are doing something wrong? Heck to the no. With these hearts and status we are putting a lable on people and it is common nature to make assumptions and pre judge them.


I am confident in saying more than 50% of people WOULD "believe a certain way towards a person who is HOF or has 1000+ hearts vs a person who is "Beauty Boss" or has 500+ hearts"



I agree a rude person is a rude person no matter the status. But I think the results from it 100% have to do with titles and hearts.


If some new person went and corrected another new person do you think there would be this backlash? I honestly think not. I think of some HOF offended some new person others would defend the HOF and then we would get another post like this. 100% IMHO


Again, I think the mods have 0 to do with this, aside from their job which some of us are questioning if they are doing to their full potential.


I really do not feel what I said was blaming them in anyway, and if it came off like that I did not mean it.


MODS make the world go round. Any hate I have is coming from the runners of this and Sephora.

(Jen I do hate to disagree with you, I do adore you still)

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Just to confirm my point, I just got a PM saying


"You are correct and I have completely stopped participating for that reason, I have tried and tried on this board only to be beat up and reminded of the hearts! I believe I am a sweet person but since I have no hearts I am to take a back seat to those who do! Just cause you have more hearts doesn't make you any better than anyone! But here it makes one think they are entitled! I have seen over and over. So I will just go back to lurking and getting information as it is posted via other peoples questions." 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I think the "labels" are irrelevant, mostly because besides newcomer and hall of fame they're meaningless to me because I can't figure out what order any of them are in. As for hearts, who cares? I've never seen any odd behaviour around hearts other than people who want to get around TSB guidelines or try to gain hearts in an inorganic manner. By that I mean hearts should happen because of quality commenting not frantic inauthentic flapping and poor me threads.


Also, I've said this in another thread, I think PMs should stay private even if they're positive.


Most forums have some sort of label/badge system to show how much activity the member has had as well as a liking/heart system. This is not unusual or unique to BT.


As for welcoming, I say this as someone who doesn't have very many hearts - I've felt very welcome from the members who do and are HOF. I've enjoyed some wonderful advice and enabling here. I love seeing what people buy and the cool eye makeup threads. I'm sad that the off topic stuff doesn't make it to the main page because everyone can use a laugh!

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

In all honesty, that sounds like someone's personal problem. The ONLY time I have seen heart number come into play is TSBs, and I've never seen anyone flaunting their hearts as a reasoning as to why they are better than someone else. I've seen people use their thirteen years of derm experience to try to invalidate someone else's opinion, but never heart count.

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Agreed. If you don't want to be judged by your hearts/title, then don't judge others by their hearts/title. All forums I've been to have levels, I don't see it as the problem. It's like saying if some people tend to judge a book by its cover, then all books should have the same cover, which is kind of silly. I've always judged people by how thoughtful and well-written their responses are, regardless of level/hearts, and always have even before I have any hearts, that's why I have friends with different levels and anywhere from <500 hearts to >5000 hearts...last time I checked. Meh.


While I do have a ton of hearts (does that count as flaunting?) and think I know what I'm talking about for skincare, I would be the first to tell you to defer to someone else for foundation etc that I have very limited experience with even if the person who wrote the well thought out response is a newcomer with 0 hearts.

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

For me, if I asked something and got two answers and one had way more hearts, I would probably take that one. But I guess that would just mean more people agreeing.. 

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

@laiceeb18 I love grav3yard girl too! Smiley Happy

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Swamp Family!!

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

yay! take some action! good job mod's Smiley Very Happy <3

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

yay! take some action! good job mod's Smiley Very Happy

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Very well said Diana! Everyone, no matter what age, school, grade, community, whatever the case may be, everyone needs a reminder of rules at some point; and I am no exception. They are set in place for a reason and we should all try to adhere to them.

I love BT and would hate to see it taken down or away from us for not following rules or anything you mods deem unfit.

You moderators do a wonderful job everyday and I thank you all for your efforts to keep BT a fun, friendly place for us to come and communicate to each other about beauty products, fashion, tv shows, life in general, or just whatever is on our minds at the time! Smiley Happy

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

It would be nice to have more mod presence. Set an example for us. While you can't catch every thread immediately, there are threads that goes for days, weeks without being answered. If you just switch to list view, it's easy to pick out unanswered questions (if there's only one icon in "In conversation"). For starter, I've no clue about these but figure they'd appreciate some advice from the mod. =)

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Thanks BeautyTester! We are really here to help everyone out and primarily respond to Customer Service issues and Ask the Experts. We're also moderating about 6 other channels at the same time but we try our best to help with what we can.  However, we sometimes get backlash for "interfering" too much or "not enough" which makes it a very fine line that we're still working on as more and more people come to our community.  Thanks for taking the time to share these! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

Interfering too much? Hmmm, I see. No idea, but if a thread haven't been answered in 48hrs, I think it's pretty safe to say your/mod's responses are not "interfering too much" in these cases me thinks.

Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community


Re: Reminder to our Beauty Talk Community

I actually think this is in response to a thread of posts I spotted earlier today, which I see are now all deleted. Probably for the best.


--Diana seems to mostly be telling us to 'play nice' and be polite to each other. I don't think there is any intention to limit us from offering our own advice or suggestions, or even for correcting a post's information in a response. This is just a guess from what I saw earlier today, please let me know if I'm misinterpreting or if there IS actually a limit to correcting what we think is bad information.

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