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Ready to call it quits with Sephora.

On April 11 I spent almost $200 at a Sephora store. I knew I had to spend about 145 to become a VIB. So I made sure that I spent enough. I brought a friend in with me, she had never shopped a Sephora before. We have April birthdays and she was so excited to get her free gift. When it was my turn to check out the sales clerk was having a hard time pulling up my account and kept telling me that I must not have an account. I told her I could pull it up on my phone and she said no, she would keep trying. After about 5 minutes she finally said she found it and told me that I was now VIB. She handed me a small sephora bag with a couple foil packet samples. I asked her about the birthday gift and she said I got that instead. Now my purchase still is not showing up. I posted a question here a few days ago and spoke with a moderator a couple times. I sen a picture of my receipt even. However apparently the system went down and she lost all of my messages, but said she would manually fix my account. That was two days ago. Nothing has changed. I have even sent a couple messages and have not heard back. It is very frustrating. I was going to buy some more stuff last Monday but the discount was only good for VIB so I couldn't use it. I am a working makeup artist and although I can get a discount on many brands, I buy from Sephora instead due to convenience and I can accumulate points with purchases. But I am ready to call it quits, this seems a little ridiculous to me. I am ready to return the products and purchase what I can directly from the companies, and get the rest at Ulta, (they have a rewards program as well) because what is the point of buying from Sephora??

Re: Ready to call it quits with Sephora.

Less than an hour and it has been resolved!! Thanks SO much Keelybt!!  Smiley Happy

Re: Ready to call it quits with Sephora.

Hi LovePinkAW I'm so sorry to hear that your issue was not resolved. I will send you a message to help.

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