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RETURN without RECEIPT for 225 dollars?

A friend gifted me a clarisonic mia for my birthday. It is the 225$ one. I want to return it because I already have a clarisonic. The thing is my friend doesn't have the receipt anymore. Can I return it without the receipt? I have never returned anything as expensive as this before, so I'm not so certain.

Re: RETURN without RECEIPT for 225 dollars?

Did she buy with a credit card, because the store should be able to look it up. If she ordered it online you can print the online recipt in the order history. You should post this in cusomer service.

Re: RETURN without RECEIPT for 225 dollars?

hi there, 


If you wish to return the Clarisonic without a receipt you may want to check directly with your store first to see what exactly they will require from you to process the return. Since you do not have the receipt they will either give you a store credit or let you process an exchange but it is ultimately up to their discretion. I hope this helps! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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