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Question regarding promo codes/returns being flagged

Hi Mods!

So, I recently placed an order and added a promo code to it (FIRM), but for some reason, although the item was added into my cart at check out, it didn't actually make it onto the invoice, so I did not get the sample with my order.


I called customer service, and they said the only thing that they could do would be to add 25pts to my account (even though promo codes are the equivalent of at least a 100pt perk), but that if I really wanted to get a promo code, I could technically return the order and start over again. 


I just wanted to check with you about this, considering the controversy over accounts being flagged for multiple returns, since I JUST had to return a product earlier this week for causing an allergic reaction.  Can you please let me know if returning another item in so short a time period would cause my account to be flagged?  Thanks so much!

Re: Question regarding promo codes/returns being flagged

Hi Urbie! When making your return, please ensure you bring your original order summary and there shouldn't be a problem at all. 


Sorry for the inconvenience. :/





Re: Question regarding promo codes/returns being flagged

Hi Kevin! Thanks, I was planning to return it by mail, since it is easier and just the one item, but I will be sure to include the return slip!  Also, when can I expect the 25 pts to be added to my account?

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