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Purchase History

Hi, I was browsing through my purchase history online and noticed that two items are missing and that the points for those items have not been added. Is there any way to look into this and add the two items? An item is missing from a transaction on 01/10/13 and another from 04/13/13. Thanks in advance for your help! 


Forgot to mention, I also made a purchase on 04/14/13 and all items from that purchase have been accounted for. 

Re: Purchase History

I was checking out my purchase history and noticed that my purchase and points from the Sephora store  made on 4/11/13

 are missing can someone help me with that. Thanks.


Re: Purchase History

Hi OhSoJaded,


Sometimes items that are no longer in stock or not available anymore might not show up in your purchase history. However, I will be glad to message you right now to make sure that your points have been addedSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Purchase History

Thanks, I sent you a message. Just a thought, should I have included the location where the items were purchased as well?

Re: Purchase History



Yes that would be great, thank youSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa
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