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Posting Error Messages

I've noticed this a couple of times already in the new layout/design where if you try to paste a portion of text to a response (for example from another posting), you get an error message that the HTML code is not allowed but has been removed and ready to be posted; however, in one instance today I left a response for a user in a thread but after posting it, I realized rather than putting it inline with my first comment in which she replied to, I made it as a stand alone response. I deleted that one and tried to respond inline to her directly but was told my response which I copied and pasted into the text box had an HTML code that needed to be removed and was, but then got another error messaging stating I might be flooding the forum.


With the new text box/response box layout there's no way for us to go back and edit HTML details like before so I'm not sure how BT can bring this as an error up without allowing users to change it themselves.


Just something that might be looked into. I ended up sending a personal message to the user so it wasn't like I couldn't get across what I needed, but it's a bit of a hassle when the text box portion has been so simplified. The only time one can possibly see a wider view is when they edit their response then it brings the old style of "Body, Rich Text, HTML, and Preview" options back.


I just tried to post this under Beauty Talk Support but was told it needed a category, I was confused as BT Support is a category, anywho, I couldn't move forward until I changed it, so it's under Bright Ideas, I know it's not the best place for it, but alas, one can only do so much.

Re: Posting Error Messages

I'm having trouble posting as well... I keep trying to ask a question in the 'Fragrance section' and it keeps refusing to let me post.


The error message I keep getting is that I didn't choose a board to post on. I've tried picking the board from the drop down before I type my message and after. Still keeps coming up that I need to choose a board to post.



Re: Posting Error Messages

Shoot all glitches and errors you're coming across to Sephoraadmin2 or a Mod directly so they can have it looked at or worked on, Mangosong. Smiley Happy


The mods and staff here are super receptive to feedback!

Re: Posting Error Messages

Hi ladies, Candace here! Yes, the site is still being worked on (a few more updates coming in a couple of weeks!) but we still want to know all of the bugs. What would be really helpful is if you could either private message me with the browser you are using, or when you post a bug, add the browser (and the version, if you can) in the post.


Thanks for helping us out!

Re: Posting Error Messages

Thanks for the info, Candace! I'll shoot you a message later on today! Smiley Happy


Thank you for being so helpful on this!

Re: Posting Error Messages

The category one is being worked on, as I'm told through PM.


The invalid HTML error is easy fix (basically if you c&p anything, even if it's just words, it shows up). I just type a random word and post. When you select edit, you will get the old (bigger) post box back. Here you can do whatever you want and if the error appears, you just click next and it fixes itself. You should also be able to do the old copy&paste for images (if the image below shows up).

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Re: Posting Error Messages

Hm, I just copied you post and pasted it and it loaded up as a reply just fine. I do know about the edit portion, but it was just odd when I got the message from copying my own response, then deleted it because I wanted to move it to under another posters response and couldn't.


Thanks, Beautytester!

Re: Posting Error Messages

I'm still getting error messages at unreasonable frequency, and I hadn't posted any photos nor HTML text in the denied post. I ended up giving up, love your idea of just sending a PM, but didn't think of it at the time. It's annoying, I don't have all the time in the world to sit around and fiddle with these things, it was so much easier with the old format.

Re: Posting Error Messages

The portion with the photo wasn't super hard for me to figure out, but I did realize now when you upload photos, it goes directly to a private album, unlike before you had your default public album and your avatar one. I ended up moving the private photos to public as they were just images used for references in threads/responses.



Re: Posting Error Messages

I came across trying to post under certain topic but it wouldn't let me. Telling me to pick a category when I already selected one. I'm not sure what is going on.

Re: Posting Error Messages

I know the site/forum is still being worked on, so maybe it's something they haven't gotten to yet. I just wanted to bring it up to be sure it got some attention.


Good to know it's not just me that this is happening too.

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