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Poor Customer Service

I've only just starting learning and using makeup and I love Sephora.  I buy a lot of things online, but have recently discovered my closest store (not in a JC Penny).


I went to my Sephora store to exchange some items I purchased online.  the lady looked at my items and huffed at me, whispering to her coworker that the items I am returning are old (came out like, o-o-o-l-l-l-l-d-d-d-d).  yes, I did make my purchase about 60 days ago, but the product was still intact - I simply didn't like them.  She didn't ask me a reason for return, but did make it obvious that she wasn't happy about taking an item back.  In fact, when she thought she was just ringing me up for a purchase, she was all peaches and cream (so nice), but as soon as I mentioned "return", she was pretty huffy.


she certainly didn't make me feel like i was a valued customer.  


I still love Sephora, I just wish shopping in store was as nice as shopping online.  I hate to be made to feel as though I'm not "worthy".

Re: Poor Customer Service

Hi BrisbaneH,


Sorry to hear about your experience! I will send you a private message right now to get some details about your visit so that I can pass this feedback along to the store directly.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Poor Customer Service

Thank you for reaching out to me - it's very appreciated!


Re: Poor Customer Service

I've had the same problem so your not alone. It's Frustrating!

Re: Poor Customer Service

Thanks!  Glad I'm not the only one...not that I'd want anyone else to feel the way that I did.  =)

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