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Points taken away during a pandemic


I can’t believe Sephora just took away all of my points for inactivity during 2020, the year we were hit with a pandemic. More specifically the year I lost my job due to the pandemic, the year I had to cut back on buying makeup and skincare because I could barely afford rent. I’ve been using samples of products all year to save up when I really needed something at Sephora. I’ve accumulated my points for literal YEARS, thousands of dollars, and for them to be gone without warning, no email or anything is beyond despicable. What has Sephora done to help people during one of the worst years in recent history? They take away more from their loyal customers! I wanted to purchase my favorite moisturizer and acne treatment today after I got my refund and to see my 0 point balance literally made me cry. I know it seems silly, but I’ve always said “ooh one day I’ll use my points on something big and beautiful” and I was actually super proud of my points because I felt like it reflected my interest and love of makeup. Is that materialistic? Maybe but I always bought things I really researched wanted, loved and worked hard for. Is there any way to get these back? CS said flat out NO. Terrible. 

Re: Points taken away during a pandemic

Sephora is acting like they can't understand why during Covid the proper eyeliner was not the most important thing.  They erased all my points.  disgusting!  will not shop there ever again! Kathy Millard

Re: Points taken away during a pandemic

Hi @szinesz,


I will send you a private message.


Best Wishes,



Re: Points taken away during a pandemic

Hi @gokimglow,


Points will expire if your account has been inactive for 12 consecutive months or more. You can keep your account active by making a purchase or redeeming a reward  or the birthday gift. I'll look into this then send you a PM.




Re: Points taken away during a pandemic

@gokimglow Sorry that your points got taken away and that you went through a lot last year. 


It is stated in the terms and conditions.

Do Points expire?

We encourage you to redeem your points often, so that you get to experience the full benefits of the Beauty Insider program including product, gifts, experiences and events. All unredeemed points expire when you have not engaged in point activity associated with your Beauty Bank (through purchase or redemption for Rewards or Birthday Gift) for 12 months or more. If you have questions regarding the date of your last point activity or your last purchase, you may email or call 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672) for more information. In addition, points will automatically expire if your Membership is revoked or otherwise cancelled.

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